Bedroom Design

           The bedroom is the most designed room compared to other rooms. Many people believe that the bedroom should be filled with tranquility and comfort. The colors are too bright not recommended because the colors are too bright not to give the impression of calm. The colors are best suited for the bedroom are more likely to colors that are more neutral and warm.
            The first step to decorating the bedroom, select the desired color of the room. Do not forget to choose a more soothing color. After deciding the color, you should be prepared to choose furniture that fits with the desire and in accordance with the theme. To decorate the bedroom wall, you can select a photo or painting a large size to produce a unique atmosphere. Besides showing off a photo or painting, you can also decorate the room walls using a patterned wallpaper to add the impression of luxury.
             After deciding the color and wall decorations, you should notice is the floor. In general, do not select materials such as granite or marble jubinm. That's because you do not want to wake up from sleep with his feet touching the floor is cold. Materials often used today is wood or carpet. Carpet gives the impression of a warmer and softer. Carpets can also make the atmosphere in the bedroom feel more comfortable. Wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular to be material to the bedroom. Aside from more easily treated, wood flooring is also cheaper and have more color choices.

           Selecting colors match the color of curtains and linens can add a cozy impression in your bedroom. Dark-colored curtains are often used to avoid the sunlight to the bedroom. You can add an additional layer of lighter colored curtains to cover a dark color and still be able to avoid sunlight.
            Mattresses are the most important furniture in the bedroom. Choosing a mattress is not only obey the mattress design, functionality and comfort of a mattress that fits is also very important to create an atmosphere and good for your health. Consultation with specialists or doctors to determine the most suitable mattress for you.
            If your bedroom is small, you can add a mirror on the wall or cabinet door to add more spacious impression. You also can choose the wardrobe that uses a sliding door to overcome the problem of lack of room.
            Decorative lights is also an important factor in the design of the bedroom. Yellow lights can add a luxurious feel and warmth in the bedroom space, instead of white light that is more suitable for use in bedrooms minimalist concept. The light colors colorful soft can add a futuristic impression to the bedroom. Using a small spotlights to highlight the furniture like a cupboard door or a photo to add a luxurious impression.
            Do not forget that you spend most of your life in the bedroom, and bedrooms also represents one of the most private room for you. Customizing the interior design your bedroom with your wishes and make sure your bedroom to calm and comfortable.


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