Minimalist concept originated from the Minimal Art movement that developed for the first time in the 1960s in the city of New York.hal has menberi ihlam against several creative fields such as theater, music, dance and other performing arts world even, minimal art was born at the end as the impact of the Modern Age from economic shocks, then a minimal art developed rapidly and became the idiom of aesthetics in architectural and interior design is called a minimalist design.

        Minimalist design concept is very good diminatkan by our society to the concept of residential houses, shophouses, office and other public buildings. minimalist concept may have existed since long, but this concept began to rage again in recent times, the application of the concept of minimalism not only be on façade of the building itself, but which we must realize that the concept should mewaklli all aspects of the building itself such as function, the pattern layout , the amount of space, and relations between interrelated room, I interpret minimalism itself is a concept that has meaning "Less Is More"created by Mies van der Rohe (simple is better) that the simple, small, simple and functional it is more luxury, large, and practical,

         Form of a minimalist concept represented by many forms of linear, square and rectangular, sometimes irregular shapes can we apply the concept of minimalism


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