Creating a Comfortable Bedroom

          Many people say, the early creation of the condition of the body fit in the morning is to sleep enough at night. Because, to be able to sleep in comfort and quality are many factors that influence, ranging from physical and psychological condition, and also the atmosphere of a comfortable bedroom. Then, how to create a bedroom that supports the rest us?
         First, choose colors that match the tastes, character, or age of the occupants of the room. It is recommended to choose the paint color of the room just a few elements of color with the color combination of shade, for example, light green, light blue, light brown, gray and mauve, in order to make the eyes do not get tired. However, the color for the bedroom the child would be better if the color shade combined with primary colors, like red, yellow, and blue, which interpret the world of children who are cheerful.

           Second, the location of the bed was also influence the comfort in the bedroom layout. For beds that are attached, usually known as the double bed, try to position the head at temapt must sleep side by side. Similarly, the location with single beds, or separate beds, would be more comfortable if placed side by side, berdamingan, or lined. 


             Third, there are various techniques such as sleep temapt arrangement attached lengthwise on the inner walls of the head near the wall, or put in front of the wall and crack angle. Other techniques in conjuction with the free in the room when the size of the spacious bedrooms, on the corner and the end of the room and the closet. 


            Fourth, to organize temapt sleep is a good idea not to put furniture glassware and electronic goods and dangerous, such as the television in the near temapt sleep. To be safe, it is better to prevent broken glass scattered by installing window film to glass bedroom. Also use screws to attach objects such as cabinets, bookshelves, and so on to the wall. 

         Fifth, to the problem of air, should also be noted, do not get cramped bedroom and to grip the residents rooms. Houses such as ventilation openings and windows are necessary for the flow of air in the bedroom can run smoothly.


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