Decorative Lights To Tiny Minimalist Houses

House distinguished petite does not mean you are not comfortable to occupants. To be distinguished tiny house look more spacious and beautifully you can try the following tips!

Setting the light from the light effect on the breadth of a minimalist home. Take advantage of two kinds of yellow and white lights. White light provides cool effects and formal. while the yellow light gives the impression of more warm, fresh and romantic.

Should choose a paint with colors like yellow, pink and orange. These colors give the impression of warmth. Dark colors make the room seem cramped.

By installing a striped wallpaper in the middle of the wall to make an impression on the spacious room.

Installation of windows and glass nail becomes important. Elected the minimalist window better than who-framed window is too large, because the window frames which are too large will give the impression of narrow in a minimalist home.

Utilizing Room
Take advantage of every empty space to put stuff. For example elbow room left under the stairs can be used as storage. But do not pile up the goods which are not useful, because it will make a minimalist home increasingly narrow.


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