Designing Houses on Land Narrow

          The trend in urban society today wants to have the Building Design Minimalist Home Minimalist with a practical and multifunctional, but still comfortable place to live. Not surprisingly, Minimalist Architecture styles often loved so small houses also still have seabrek function. Some people say Living in the box, maybe that phrase is suitable for building house design minimalist design is
          Architecture Houses Minimalist style is very suitable for urban or densely populated areas, many people now use the services of Architecture or Architecture Houses Minimalist to anticipate this situation.

            However, a clear in Building Minimalist there are only basic functions of the house. Minimalist Houses Today does not necessarily mean rigid, stuffy, and narrow. Actually, Building Houses Minimalist interiors can be arranged with the right for comfortable and spacious impressed. Although only a limited land you should be able to anticipate the narrow spaces in Building Minimalist to meet all the requirements of the family. And find solutions for cramped impression that often seen in small houses can be minimized.

          Size of room in the house Minimalist be narrow, but we can deal with the Building Design became widespread as if impressed. And its size so much for so alone. Only with a few tricks you will be free from the crowded and saturated like a Minimalist architecture.

Use Furniture
Choose furniture that impressed simplekarena large fuitur will only add to your room seem cramped. Because of the size of the course will take up much space (space). So choose the form of simple furniture, light, and slender.

Use bright colors 
Apply a bright color (bright) on the surface of the floor, walls, and ceilings. But do not dominate the room. Because the dominant colors will actually make the room full of memorable. Bright colors to reduce the impression of your narrow room.

Put a big mirror. 
Place a large mirror on the wall in your small room. Mirrors provide manipulation (trick) on the eye that the room as if a two-fold.

Give the window a lot and width 
Broken-down walls of your small room and replace it with a lot of window width and size. You will experience an infinite look in the room.

Above ways you can do to get around the Architectural Design of a narrow room. You can just apply it as you wish. Good luck!


Rajib Hossain said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Great choice! And I like your very logical reasons why.
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