Garden For House Minimalist

Harmony can mean beautiful. So even when applied in a shelter. For example, by uniting with the concept of a minimalist home park who is also a minimalist.
Unification of the house with a minimalist garden believed to be more give the impression of harmony in the concept of minimalist architecture. Minimalist house has a distinguished building simple, little ornaments, and more emphasis on function space. Therefore, the park which was created to accompany the concept of the house who is loved should also laid out the minimalist.
According to the architect of the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Immanuel Purba, better-built park for a minimalist home is adjusted with the concept of building homes for the overall impression is stronger and thicker minimalist character. If combined with a minimalist house non-minimalist garden, such as with a Mediterranean or tropical gardens, it would blur the concept of building the house itself.
This, Purba said, people often do, or because homeowners want to follow trends. For example, the house has a minimalist home concept, but because of the tropical garden is the trend, the owner of the house and then change the concept of park occupancy which is compatible with following the style garden with a neighbor or relative.
"In fact, if between house and garden buildings have the same concept, will be mutually beneficial. Park will further strengthen the concept of minimalism minimalist buildings. If the mixed-mixed or combined with a concept which is not worth it, the impression was not going to display the maximum," he explained.
Typically, minimalist garden plants present only in a limited type of reply. Minimum and maximum of only one type of three types of plants. Plants also tend to reply a simple and not too flashy. However, character-chosen plants should be a strong feature minimalist impression. For example, a distinguished flat grass, shrubs plants which small, grass-type plants alangan straight reply, or a tiny flowering plant.
"Do not choose a distinguished lush plants because these plants better suited to fill the tropical garden. So also avoid laying of plants which turn or curve because many plant species that typically fill a Mediterranean garden," he said. Hand-picked flower color should be one color or one group. For example, white or yellow color which reflects the minimalist impression.
If your page is wide enough, can bring the fish pond is not too deep in one corner of the park. Her presence is intended to provide fresh and dynamic impression of the water and fish, which combined with beauty of plants to minimize the impression of stiffness in these minimalist home building.
Ornaments garden lighting can also be helped beautify your minimalist garden. However, the Ancient suggest, not too light ornaments prominently displayed. For example, with put or stick it on the fence. "Lights do not stand alone. Should be fused with ornaments or other fields. Lighting was not too bright, just enough to give the reflection effect," he advised.


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