Home Interior Design Art Deco and Modern Minimalist

             To look harmonious and pleasing to the eye, set the interior of the house should be harmonized with the building facade. If it seems his face wearing art deco, interior arrangement also does not run away from that style. Similarly to the model house is minimalist, the interior was designed with a matching style. Although in its application, no second round wear that style.

            For the interior living room, the application of art deco style that often use the round ornaments, boxes, or other geometric shapes, just used as accents only. For example, only used for TV cabinets or other display cabinets.

           Sedangkan perabot lainnya, seperti meja dan kursi, dipilih model yang simpel dan finishingnya memakai warna cocoa brown (cokelat gelap). Bila perlu, diberi aksen warna hitam agar terlihat lebih mewah.

           Meanwhile, if using a minimalist concept, because it was all made completely minimal, so that does not seem empty space should be given a slight accent. For example, there is a table or chair that the traditional design.
            Other accent materials can also be used, such as handicrafts items such as sculpture (statue), sculpture, and other accessories that obtained during a visit to the area or the travel abroad.

            Family room, to house art deco or minimalist model, the game would be more suitable wear brown color and wood fibers.

             In addition, too many people who like wood nyantoh, because fiber is straight, or mahogany color is slightly reddish. While the models are also selected furniture that is simple, do not wear carvings and profiles.

             While in the bedroom, a bedroom wall is also recommended wearing bright colors minimalist. Even if given the accent, usually to the wall behind the headboard of the bed. Meanwhile, when using wallpaper, choose shades of leaves, bamboo plaiting, and so forth.


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