Houses Stay Cool, Even Without AC

           As a tropical country, Indonesia is endowed sunshine and high rainfall. In theory, if already in the house, we terpayungi from the hot sun. But the reality is often not, the house can continue the hot sun, even making it trapped heat inside. Well, when we entered the house, the skin will absorb the heat is trapped. That is why we feel hot and humid.

            To get a cold house, there are 2 things you can do. The first is an effort to reduce solar radiation, so the house does not feel hot. The second is how we use wind to reduce heat is already inside the house. The wind can help to release body heat from the skin so we feel comfortable, wind can also reduce the room temperature about 3 ˚ C. 

  • Orientation
To escape the heat, the buildings can be faced towards the north-south. This direction allows us to get the bright sun, no heat is involved entered into the house.

  • Design buildings
In terbataspun circumstances, the building can be designed in such a way as to be able to enter the wind. For example with the use of courtyard that can catch the wind or use a wall to deflect the wind until the wind will pass through the desired area.

  • Leather construction (walls and roof)
Because in most outer, walls and roof directly facing the sun, and very possibly absorb solar radiation. Therefore, the selection of roof and wall building materials are very important. Materials are like beron, zinc, asbestos, asphalt absorb more pa
nas than tile or palm fiber. Bricks absorb more heat than the bamboo or wood. The color of the building is also very influential. Bright colors will memantuklan sunlight so that the heat absorbed less.

  • Opening in building
Openings should be designed in order to gain the light of the sun and wind, without entering the heat. For example, using shading, select the type of glass that can withstand the sun's radiation, or use the double window.

  • The environment around buildings
Nature around it can be processed to cool the building, for example by planting trees, or create a pool of water.


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