how to choose the best paint colors for interior walls

        Selection of a wall paint color can be a tricky thing, because the influence of a lighting and shadows fall in a room will have dramatic effects is significant. Here are some easy steps that will help you to choose the right color for the interior: 

  1. Study the color scheme that you like, you can see the color scheme in a magazine or the internet. Bring a reference that you like it when you go to the paint shop.
  2. Remember that a paint color usually will appear more dense and dark on the walls than you see in the card example - example of color in the paint shop. If you are still in doubt - doubt, we recommend you choose a darker color level or 2 levels lighter color on the sample card.
  3. Do not forget the fact that the color yellow and red colors always give the feel of warm colors, while green, blue and ash - ash tends to create the impression of cool shades.
  4. Pick a color scheme with high contrast and high density only for use within the room where you do not spend too much time in it, like a bathroom or dining room. Do not choose colors with high contrast and density, if you will be old in it, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom.
  5. Buy a little old wall paint you choose, and start applying it on the wall that you want. You can observe the color changes when they are embedded in the wall, when there are changes in light or shadow.
  6. If the color of paint that you think is the one you want, then you can proceed to integrate with the next color as the window frame, door or with other furniture accessories. Once you get everything in the room as you want, you just buy the same color as needed in the number of walls in the room.
  7. Kreasikan wall paint color you choose, then solid match with its variations. You can make the next color to be older or brighter. Never force a paint color that you feel is still not suitable for an interior room in your house, than you regret later on.


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