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Walls should be Healthy
Before choosing a wallpaper, first measure the extent of the wall will be used as detailed as possible, because it will determine how much wallpaper requisite. Then, make sure the proper wall plug wallpaper. If the wall is dirty, rough, or damp, the wallpaper will not be installed perfectly. So, wipe clean wall prior to the dust.
With Accurate Measure
To avoid mistakes, it's good to mark the wall area that will be fitted with wallpaper. This line is useful as a guide when unrolled wallpaper on the walls. Leave 3 cm at the end of the wallpaper and 2 cm on the left and right. Afterwards, cut the rest of the wallpaper had been with the cutter and use the help of a ruler so the results neatly.
Calculate How Yg Roll Wallpaper Needed
Easy. For example, for living room size 4 X 5 m. When in use patterned wallpaper with pattern repetition (repeat) per 60 cm and 1 roll (roll), the small size of 10 m X 53 cm, "So it needs approximately 10-12 rolls (roll) small," explained Lynda Octina, Gallery Supervisor of Goodrich Gallery.
The greater the repeat distance, the more rest. Another case when using a wallpaper without a repeat, it needs to be about 9 rolls. In essence, continued Lynda, doors and windows must remain inserted in the spacious room, when installing wallpaper.
Glue Tricks
There are pre-pasted wallpaper reply, it means already glued. So when installed, just use a sponge soaked which was soaked in water.
Conversely, if not pre-pasted, use a special glue wallpaper that must be applied first to the wallpaper with a spatula. Many methods which can be done to glue the wallpaper on the wall. Like, "soaked with glue all day or who are glued wall," says Lynda.
Install Wallpaper
Tricks install another wallpaper again. When installing the wallpaper, roll forward into the part and glued to touch each other. Next, you just put it on the wall. Do it slowly for no bubbly wallpaper mounted.
What if want to change the wallpaper which already exists? "If there is any inherent part, just wet the sponge with which damp. Make sure the wall fitted with smooth back and decent wallpaper. "
So, no matter if you want a different color, as long as it was neutralized with the general concept earlier. For example, to choose the color orange accents, neutral beige floral wallpaper with orange combined.
It's ready to make over with wallpaper? Worth a shot! The reason, the wallpaper is not a mere patch, he just gave a new color for your home kesaygan.


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