Interior decoration an attractive dining room with wooden furniture

        One thing that is very reasonable when determining the interior decoration of the house, everyone is always trying to choose only the best quality and for their occupancy. So also for the affairs of furniture in the place of residence, because a house without the presence of furniture would be unattractive even it is not possible. Therefore, the selection of furniture becomes a very important factor.
         The most common things that usually make it worth your consideration is the furniture materials to be used. That said, to this day the largest percentage for the most suitable materials are wood, other than because of the durability issue is also about the problem presented by the beauty of a wood furniture. But surely you also must consider the design of wooden furniture to suit your home design style.
         One room in the residence which always require the presence of furniture is the dining room. In Indonesia, many found the dining room which also functioned as the family room. Two main functions are different but united in one room. In designing the decoration, dining table and chairs play a very important, especially when you have to invite guests - your guests enjoy dinner.
          For the choice of dining table and chairs should be remembered that the shape and size of the table should always be made ​​in accordance with the shape and size of the dining room and a choice of seats should also be adjusted so the results match the overall interior decor. In addition, the choice of wood species is also a very important factor.
          In this case, teak furniture remains a popular choice in almost all countries. The main reason behind the popularity of teak wood furniture due to a longer durability as well as being capable of delivering an elegant impression on any interior.


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