Interior Designing an Islamic House

           House is one important thing in building a family. The house is comfortable it will make all residents feel at home, until now in berpergianpun he will hope to return home quickly gathered his family together. The house is comfortable does not always have a luxurious home with all the amenities in it, but it is a house that can provide peace and security for the residents.

 "God is beautiful and loves beauty." The Muslim should realize this, especially the beauty of his home.

          Here are some things you can do to organize and arrange the interior of the house so that a beautiful Islamic and pleasing to the eye:
  1. Spaces - spaces that are public and private, should be separated by a veil or partition. This is to avoid activities that involve mixed guests with personal activities that involve only family. Thus the genitalia of the occupant can be protected from the guests who are not Muhrim.
  2. Arrange furniture neatly into place regularly, the room should be arranged in accordance with the functions and conditions, such as a picture frame Baitul Haram rightly placed on the wall of the living room and not in the kitchen.
  3. Interior house lest there are things that God cursed like a statue or any other kind. Muslim homes free of images and a dog. "The angel will not enter the house in which there is a dog and images" (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). Also things that need to avoid anything that includes the category "lagho ', makruh and unlawful. Like most television, radio or other events that are not useful, and a waste of time.
  4. Interior with a variety of accessories to form sentences - sentences dhikr (calligraphy), which is prescribed for children know more about her religion since the early and also to show the Islamic identity. Basically, the Arabic script calligraphy dimaksudkaAn to support the implementation of worship for more khusyu. But do not let the selection and placement of accessories in the form of calligraphy is to disturb the harmony of space because of its placement is likely to impose. Calligraphy does not always have to put in musala. In another room also can be placed this calligraphic decoration. For example, in the living room or family room.
  5. Various elements of a nuanced form of Islamic calligraphy is not always stuck on the wall only. Can also put throw (cloth draped on the couch) with tone and color and style Islamic nuanced. Choice of colors such as dark green shades of coolness to add dynamically the order.
  6. Creating a home library as the role of education in the home, given the importance of knowledge about compulsory sciences such as the problem of worship, how to perform fardlu practice and also practice-practice sunnah.
  7. In the living room can also be arranged collection of spiritual books, such as the interpretation of the Koran. This could become an interior accessories in the living room. So do not always have to have calligraphy on the wall.
  8. Structuring the bed facing the Qiblah (the head and stretch to the north) or at least to the west as a sign of submission to Him.
  9. For lighting the room as much as possible to get adequate lighting, the more light the more give the impression of a healthy home. But for the lighting depending on taste your soul as well, a little dim lighting may be a slight dim thus giving the impression kekhusukan when worship.
  10. Selection of furniture and electronic goods for your family room to support the simple and modern design and gives the impression of vast, your furniture should be simple and as much as possible adjusted proportion to the size of your living room, it is advisable to wear custom furniture so it will be very suitable to the circumstances your family room. For electronic goods that do not try to choose to eat too much space and fit the theme of the family room is simple and modern.
  11. In try to separate between the room parents and children if they were adults.
  12. As much as there may be a special room to perform the prayer, so that, clean.
  13. Supposed to be closed facing to the south or north, so do not overlook or back direction, according to the hadith the prophet.


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