Minimalist Home Design

             "The house minimalist house Riny. " alongside the price of urban land is very expensive then in tuntutlah "architect" to be creative to meet the challenges of land is always tight but can be optimized in activity on their land. one of the options of urban living in apartemen.namun hrganya is also very expensive .. wow .. after this phase there arose "architecture of the house" with Typologi apartment for the arrangement of space inside. Typologi one of the characteristics that the present arrangement of apartments in the settlement house one of them is without a living room, if any at most only 2 small seats in place in the foyer. foyer is a transitional space .. and better when in point of interest in ending pointnya before entering the main room, the living room, dining, and pantry together.


Rajib Hossain said...

Wow, you did a good remodeling job. Pinned your blog for reference.
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