Modern Minimalist Houses in Indonesia

            Minimalist style in Indonesia actually has been progressing quite different than what has been understood internationally as 'minimalism'. The real style on minimalism has a principle of 'less is more' is the passionate. The principle of minimalist modern architecture actually follow the principles of architectural 'form follow function' or form follow function. Therefore, the forms which do not need to be eliminated. But in Indonesia, we have ornamentation or decorations are still widely used, and minimalism has become an architectural style that stands alone, sometimes 'minimalist' is considered as a replacement term for 'modern architecture'. This can be understood, because the Indonesian culture is laden with ornamentation or decoration.
            There are some simple minimalist home, in this case the building material used is not expensive. Well, minimalist home following the postmodern style is usually called "modern minimalist home." For this modern minimalist home building materials tend to be expensive, but her house was going to look more luxurious, with minimalist impression is maintained.
             This style is considered practical and can represent their modern lifestyle. Really? There are several reasons why people tend to choose a minimalist style. Among other things, this style is considered an answer to the challenges of the age who want to get the most out of something that is minimal. Can be a minimal development funds or by minimizing lifestyle. But then this limitation gave birth to the trend of much-loved architecture, minimalist architecture. Characterized by minimalist house design home appearance without excessive ornamentation, using materials that are exposed so that it looks impressed honest and not excessive.
             This style gave birth to a building without excessive decoration, honest and candid. If you like the style of modern life, then this style can be the choice everyday lifestyle. For example, a husband and wife who both work would choose a lifestyle that is fast, simple and practical with a fixed forward current trend is okay digandrungi.Tren followed and admired, but you still have to pay attention to compliance to the climate. Calculate the direction of the sun, do not let your minimalist house facing the wrong direction with the sun, eventually you'll have a room that often hot sun. Coupled as is known, minimalist home architecture style has its own characteristics in view of the building.
            Usually the minimalist homes using rock, games and field element line, and the coloration tends to be more daring than the Mediterranean-style homes and classic architecture. Major force in modern minimalist design lies in the composition of geometry and material usage, therefore the game on the surface of the wall were common in this style. Same thing if you make a "painting" style of cubism and fill the recesses of these cubes with different colors and materials.


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