Modern minimalist interior design houses and apartments

       Model home with modern minimalist design is still a lot of interest by many people. Evidenced by the many developers still apartemendan houses offer the type of house with a minimalist design. 

          Minimalist house design should pay attention to interior design that is suitable for minimalist home for our home idamankeluarga really a house with a modern minimalist design type. Here are some modern minimalist interior design houses that you can choose: 
  • The room is uncluttered accessories mean clean, firm, without a profile, shape geomatris minimal because of the principle of minimalist design is just right, perfect and not excessive.
  • Use blinds or roller shutters with the model type, basic can be vertical or horizontal blinds.
  • If you want to install carpet using carpet with solid colors with no motive.
  • Keep the surface of the table, or cabinet credensa surface is clean and empty. The books and other items should be stored in a drawer. The ideal accessories from glass vase artistic, simple dishes that contain fruit or a candle.
  • Use the same color for pillows and sofas to make it look plain or simple.
  • Cover bed, bed sheets and pillowcases are using a plain style. Not too many color combinations at least two colors without motive.
  • If you want to install the painting with a simple composition and frame, without a profile or engraving 
  • Color minimalist house interior wall paint you should choose a pastel or pale colors are neutral like gray, beige or cream.


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