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          Our hearts are conditioned easily melted during this consumerism. Because, so many compelling bid that is said to help life all the time. Starting from food, finance, home furnishings, to the property.
Even in choosing home furnishings, we often do not think long. As a result of furniture that looks nice in the shop became vain in our house because the room is not enough, kotras color, or design a 180 degree "disconnected" with our home. Therefore, you should not just like it or not the furniture prefers, but consider also our daily habits, home dimension, and budget.            We are certainly familiar with the habits of each anggot family at home, a habit that will affect demand. It is important to choose furniture that best meets all the needs of family members. 
One example of habits, such as when guests visit, what we usually take it in the living room, we just fill this room with two sitting chairs, a table, and cradenza.
An existing furniture in the store sometimes misleading about the size. In the spacious showroom, we often think of furniture that was there will correspond with an area of ​​space in our homes. In fact, when she reached home, the size is so big. Therefore, the first broad measure of available space in the house and furniture to be purchased. 


           Prices also have to think about. material and finishing a furniture will affect the price. We can come to a carpenter and furniture ordering as we see in stores. To be more environmentally friendly, we could re-creation can also old furniture.
Finally, try any furniture in our house has a red thread. For example, the similarity dala color accents, furniture materials, or of its size. So that the home atmosphere was harmonious and fit.


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