Trends in Home Appliances Transparent Minimalist Style

Who said ladder can not be a style that can add a beautiful and unique interiors of our homes. If we are observant, the stairs will not only be connecting the ground floor and floors above it but also be a reflection of the interior occupants.
If you want the wood element, enthusiasts can give a touch of wood on the stairs. Another case if you want the staircase as the support of a strong and sturdy, do not hesitate to make a staircase made of solid cement or bentonan. If you want, it combined the two elements could be an option.
Currently, analysts said interior Husni, a combination of concrete and wood is what is very loved, to connect the ground floor and the upper house of minimalist style.
The stairs are made of concrete stairs that each independently attached to the wall so that the float in the air impressed with the display forms a transparent or penetrate into the other room.Deliberate steps to remove the impression created thin weight of concrete. As for the railing, Husni suggested to combine elements of wood and iron. Iron is used to buffer the bone while wood for the handle. The stairs that use concrete form of two tanjangan suggested that such a board list or space lag time of boarding.
Board list, in addition to functioning to reduce fatigue while climbing the stairs, also aims to make the steepness of the stairs can be adjusted according to taste.
Related material stair cover, Husni said, the minimalist style is usually closed concrete with ceramic tiles that have a light bulb or an opaque color.
Pottery of this type makes the stairs are not slippery. Meanwhile, if using a ceramic light bulb will not slippery and it is definitely dangerous for the users of steps.
For those who prefer wood elements dominate the stairs at his home, Husni recommend using teak wood. However, if you do not have sufficient funds, because of the high price of teak, it never hurts to switch to Samarinda Camphor wood, or wood type Nyaktoh.
Two types of wood, in addition to an affordable price also has a strong resilience to be a ladder. Wooden stairs, according to Husni can be used on any type of house sizes and for different homes.
Meanwhile, to handle the wood can mix and match the wood and iron, or solid wood that is shaped and made as solid as possible so as to make secure users.
The use of iron on wooden stairs, stairs can be placed for safety. Can be shaped contemporary straight only, or can also combine them with wrought iron, which may take the form of flowers or leaves.
For homes that have wide enough, it is advisable to use the stairs made of solid cement or concrete. That's because the concrete stairs are usually impressed heavy, and require larger space than the wooden stairs.
Pure grip can only use concrete, or forge padankannya with other elements, stainless steel, or iron. For the stairs could be used solid wood or ceramic.
Concrete steps should ideally have a width 90 centimeters (cm), with a depth of 30 cm to 32 cm, and height of 15-20 cm. With this measure, the users expected households can feel safe and comfortable.
To be concrete steps are not rigid, Husni suggests lining the owner of the ladder rungs with ceramic or wood. Type of wood for the stairs, there are two kinds, solid wood which can easily be obtained in the market, and wood or wood processing factory parlet strong and scratch resistant.
Solid wood can be attached to rung by gluing each end. To switch the impression there are patches that can disguise the patch list, the list taped elbow between wood and concrete.
Parlet made from processed wood measuring 20 x 10 cm, used with glue each end. The installation is very simple in terms of price though more expensive than solid wood. To note parlet timber is still imported from abroad. For those of you who want to mix and match elements of wood, bnton and iron, for your marriage, do not hesitate. Happy experimenting!


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