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Simple and smooth , these two pieces bring beauty and tranquillity to any bathroom.

Pare : Washbasin Design

Pare washbasin is inspired by the movement and power of water.
Nature has been designed by its own elements. Such as a rock that has been shaped by a single water drop in the nature. This was the main idea for the washbasin design. Formal movement and asymmetrical transition are blended between horizontal and vertical twists and bends in the curvature of form.

Charme : Bathtub Design

Charme bathtub defines a new typology in bathtub design. We have designed Charme for continuity unique form which has transition between watering system function, comfortable seating idea, and also singular continuous form.Side parts of back rest area of Charme form provide arm resting area during the bath period such as sofa has and also control buttons for the watering system.

Designer: emrah cetinkaya (Turkey)

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Rajib Hossain said...

Aaaahhhhhhhh! It's beautiful! Gorgeous choice in materials and stunning reveal! I'd never leave! haha! Amazing job, as usual! ;)
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