Home Improvement Stylish and Elegant Storage Options

Room dividers are fantastic for creating extra room through room partitions and may come in many finishes, including shown, red-colored, whitened, black and glass. Split-panel room dividers can also be found and make up a modern touch to your rooms.

You will find numerous ways to use room dividers, for instance you can turn a sizable living space right into a lounge along with a bed room or produce a walk in wardrobe off a bed room. You might use room dividers to produce extra rooms and privacy inside a studio apartment. A great option for a student room which has only a little space.

If how big your living space is more than those of the aperture from the room divider, you would need to develop a bulkhead or use timber to lessen the aperture.

Sliding wardrobe doorways are a good accessory for a bed room where very little space can be obtained. Sliding wardrobe doorways usually are available in a variety of materials mirror, soft whitened glass, black glass, oak effect and sandblasted glass.

Some sliding wardrobe doorways are split-panel, using the sections in three sections - top, middle and bottom - you are able to select a different material for every. Black glass towards the bottom and top sections and soft whitened glass within the center panel makes great sliding wardrobe doorways.

Free standing armoires are cost-effective when built-in armoires aren't available. They frequently come flat packed are available in many finishes for example Woodgrain, Whitened, Black and Silver. Doorways and sections comes in numerous colours and materials for example safety glass, woodgrain, niche glass with designs and mirror.

They're most likely typically the most popular choice if this involves armoires and when you will find the space inside your room they're certainly the best option. The plethora of designs, styles and also the space you receive together is incomparable.

Free standing armoires don't have to be square, L-formed free-standing systems can also be found which are made to get into a large part. Additionally they come in many finishes, including glass and woodgrain.

You will find also numerous storage systems readily available for finding and making use of hidden space. With frames and shelves that are ideal for storing clothing and footwear, those are the perfect accompaniment to become hidden by some sliding wardrobe doorways.

Which means this Winter it's not necessary to pack away all of your summer time clothes and thru them up within the attic again, why don't you consider a far more accessible storage solution.

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Choosing Between Leather Sofa or Micro-Fiber: Here's How

When you're searching for a brand new sofa for the house or apartment, you will find so many 1000's as well as hundreds of 1000's of options that it may be difficult to really select one. Among individuals options that you are going to need to make is if you would like that old-school luxury of leather, or you want the current, chic micro-fiber. Both of them get their own benefits and drawbacks and which you choose fits your needs will largely rely on your particular situation. Should you think about these five factors, then you definitely should have the ability to make the right choice which will enable you to get a couch that you could accept for several years in the future.
  • Most likely the only greatest factor that will help you choose from the two kinds of fabric is whom you share your home with. As luxurious as leather is, it sadly is not probably the most durable material. For those who have lots of careless traffic within your house, for example playful children or hanging out students, then you'll most likely want micro-fiber to endure it.
  • Another extremely important consideration is for those who have pets or otherwise. Pets have smells, shed their head of hair, and scratch furniture using their claws, even inadvertently. Micro-fiber couches are simpler to wash and therefore are more resistant against scratches, so if you have pets, then you definitely most likely will not desire a leather couch.
  • The 3rd factor to bear in mind may be the cost. Whilst not always the situation, real traditional leather sofas are usually considerably more costly than micro-fiber. If you do not mind the cost difference then leather might be fine, but when you need to cut costs you'll certainly want the micro-fiber.
  • The 4th step to look into your decision is just that you simply prefer relaxing in. Leather is frequently referred to as lavish and wonderful, but micro-fiber couches could be great too. The best choice here's to simply visit a furniture store and check out relaxing in both to determine that you simply like best.
  • The 5th factor to bear in mind is how leather finally begins to shine: appearance. While you will find many attractive micro-fiber couches, especially ones which are matched up to suit the relaxation of the décor, a leather sofa remains the king of sophistication. A leather couch is going to be a watch getting hub in almost any room.
Purchasing a piece of content of furniture is really a large decision along with a couch even much more. Determining between leather and micro-fiber mostly comes lower for your circumstances and cost range. Should you keep many of these factors in your mind, you need to have the ability to purchase the couch which works for you and your loved ones.

MaaK office desk

MaaK is looking for the balance between old and new in this piece of furniture. The contrasting styles result in a unique design. The severe white tabletop reconciles with the wooden fifties-­sixties style element. In this way,Thing brings back the nostalgic age of retro into our modern offices. The contemporary flying desk office principle asks for a practical and temporary place to work. A number of things can be stored in the oak compartment.
more: http://www.designspotter.com/product/2011/10/Thing.html

Home Improvement Lifestyle: Buy a Queen Mattress to your Bedroom

While a queen mattress remains typically the most popular bed mattress offered, consumer's taste have transformed through the years demanding new and enhanced types of beds. A few of the trends we view lately is really a move toward a far more eco-friendly and organic lifestyle across several industries. Customers are leaving chemicals within their food and clothing in addition to household items and furniture. The greater natural an item may be the more it'll attract the forex market. You will find also individuals who would like a less complicated and plain and simple lifestyle, which factors weigh heavily in purchasing their new queen mattress.

The reason behind attempting to live organically is consequently of worldwide issues and producers are listening. In serving this new and emerging consumer base, they have created their interpretation of the organic full size bed mattress, for example. Varying using their company beds within the composition, you will find most earth-friendly beds are constructed with some type of natural latex.

If the organic full size bed mattress is essential for you personally, then give consideration towards the composition from the bed mattress. Not every latex is natural and you will want to discuss this together with your sales rep. Latex is really a naturally derived botanical product having a rubber-like consistency. Most customers like it since it also enables your body to "breathe" better by permitting the warmth in the body to ventilate. Other great characteristics of natural latex are that it'll keep going longer compared to synthetic counterpart and it is ideal for individuals who experience allergic reactions. Other natural items utilized in beds include, lamb's made of woll and organic Peruvian cotton.

For individuals searching for a simply designed sleeping space, selecting a platform mattress frame is a superb option. You are able to still make use of your full size bed mattress however, since you will not require a box spring you'll eliminate the bulky feel and look inside your space. Besides the woking platform mattress provide a sleek aesthetic appeal however it is available in a number of models which are appropriate for that queen mattress size. From metal to wood and from contemporary to rustic, you will find different makes and fashions to attract different tastes.

An execllent feature using the platform beds is they come, with a queen mattress size, they also accommodate different versions from the queen mattress. You can aquire a full size bed mattress that's made from latex, innersprings or foam everyone will fit in your new platform mattress.

If you're searching for value and luxury inside your mattress selection a platform mattress could be a great choice to consider. Because you don't need a box spring immediately reduces the price of changing your queen mattress when it is time. Also, the woking platform beds are extremely sturdy and can serve you for a very long time.

Modern Furniture are excellent for Home Improvement

From a coffee table and sectional sofas to ottomans and beanbags, present day furniture offers all kinds to embellish the inside. These furniture pieces include innovative designs which have timeless appeal and accentuate the look of any room.

The standard outlook towards furniture ended up being to look upon them as ornaments and jewels. Furniture was once made with intricate particulars and wood was usually preferred materials. Traditional furniture was once solid & heavy and frequently dark & ornate. However present day ideas changed these sentiments with this of functionality and ease of access. Present day furniture was created according to needs and processes or uses and center around being easily or easily available.

Modern furniture is driven by ideas of innovation, originality and novelty. The attempted and examined formula is frequently shunned and also the new and advanced is viewed as exotic. Though wood continues to be utilized in present day furniture the colour tone or colour of wood preferred is lighter as well as molded plywood can be used more frequently than wood. Molded plywood offers greater versatility as in comparison to wood and therefore is malleable enough to become created into various designs easily. Wood however is much more hard to handle and takes longer to create and design. Other common materials utilized in modern furniture include steel and plastic. Tubular steel and leather straps have started to be employed to create some intriguing designs, that are simple yet look chic.

Present day furniture almost always forms for that metallic look and glint and sheen coupled with subtlety is definitely an natural facet of it. Furniture for seating is no more limited to chairs or sofas but includes ottomans, sectional sofas, loveseats and beanbags. Designs for chairs are impelled by functionality and put of usage and vary from side chairs to folding chairs, barstools, bar chairs and dining chairs. Designs will also be frequently affected by geography and history consequently of cultural exchange in modern occasions. Modern furniture may also be classified according to its country of origin namely Italian, Danish and so on.

Present day furniture designs may sometimes be astonishing and shocking however are very creative and innovative. Modern furniture offers a lot when it comes to selection of fabric and color. Advancement in technology also offers led to minimal or no waiting time for that furniture to become shipped on purchase. Present day furniture is extremely expressionist and doesn't consume a rigid or foreseeable pattern. Keeping using the demands promptly and luxury of today's world, furniture may be easily bought online nowadays and it is shipped across, thus making furniture shopping an inconvenience free experience.

UK Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010

Seed Cathedral, UK Pavilion, Shanghai

The Seed Cathedral is a platform to show the work of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and their Millennium Seedbank. In the circulation zone under the landscape that surrounds the Seed Cathedral a series of installations explore in more detail the particularity of nature and UK cities. The Seed Cathedral is a 20-metre high building, constructed from 60,000 transparent 7.5-metre long optical strands, each of which has embedded within its tip a seed. The interior is silent and illuminated only by the daylight that has filtered past each seed through each optical hair. The UK Pavilion has consistently been ranked by visitors as one of the most popular pavilions with 50,000 people visiting each day.
for more: http://www.heatherwick.com/uk-pavilion/
click here to watch a the movie

Kitchen Sneak Peak

Ignore the messy kitchen please and instead just admire the gorgeous red.  One more coat of paint and we should be finished! After that, we just have to tile our backsplash.  Oh, and see that white refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen? I have big plans for it! Just wait and see!

The building with no shadow

"Le Project Triangle will be Paris’s first high-rise approved building since 1977. This was due to the recent lifting of the 31 year old bad on high-rise buildings within the city.

The architects Herzog & de Meuron say that there building shall be “optimum solar and wind power generated”. The shape of the building can be very convincing to be a pyramid, this however is wrong. By looking at the building from one side, the eye shows a pyramid shape whilst a slim line shape, which is similar to a sharks fin from another.

By the shape and orientation of the building the architects claim that the building will cast no shadows on the surround buildings.

The ground floor of the building shall be occupied with shops and restaurants. Also open public space and Parisian rooftops with visions over the romantic city. The high rise is due to be completed in 2014."

Antique Furniture for a Cost Effective Home Improvement

Antique furniture includes a certain style, class and sweetness it gives an area. The majority of us adore and desire this classic and timeless look, and want our houses or offices to achieve the same look and feel only very couple of are able to afford it. What many people now know is they could possibly get a furniture crafts guy to construct the precise replica of this antique piece they might have spent a lot of money on. This kind of furniture is known as reproduction furniture. You will find lots of reproduction furniture producers available now as this kind of furniture is attaining recognition. Not just is reproduction furniture affordable, it comes down fully fitted and may be personalized around the customer desires.

As everyone knows antique furniture is vicious costly and never simple to find. Lots of antique furniture enthusiasts are beginning to check out antique reproduction furniture like a less costly alternative which will give their space exactly the same look and feel as original antique furniture. Most people now opting for antique furniture believe flat pack modern furniture is beginning to get rid of style, class and any kind of originality or individuality.

When selecting the best reproduction furniture maker to construct that antique piece you've been fantasizing of decorating your parking space with, you will find certain things that you desire to think about. First of all check for those who have any reproduction furniture makers close to you, as reproduction furniture is generally shipped put together. The closer the maker the greater assured you're that the furniture can get for you in good shape. Also take a look at the standard from the furniture the maker had designed for other clients and discover which kind of wood and materials they will use and where they obtain materials from especially if you are planning to become ordering not only one table and chair. Should you finish up taking a manufacturer that's not local, make certain you discover the way they intend to ship the finished product for you if they'll be shipping directly or via a third-party. And if the maker you opt for is close to you it'll be simpler to transmit it back if you will find any issues with it or else you need something transformed.

What's most significant is getting a manufacturer that can make a duplicate of this traditional antique piece which will feel and look just like the initial while using finest material. Antique reproduction furniture has certainly acquired a great deal recognition, the good thing about it is you have an exact replica from the furniture you like without investing just as much. Without reproductions, antique furniture is going to be from achieve for many.

Simple Considerations In Restaurant Design

Great food and outstanding customer service are the most frequently cited keys to restaurant success. While quality food and service are two foundations of a successful restaurant, good restaurant design is vital to customer gratification and long term success. Good interior design creates a beautiful and functional dining space that enhances customer's enjoyment of meals and entices guests to return.

Creating an excellent dining experience for customers requires a balance of design, technical considerations and function. While planning the restaurant interior, consider the architecture and infrastructure of the building. Create a harmonious design by combining existing aspects of the structure with attention to detail in several key areas.


Begin by identifying the expectations of the restaurant's target clientele. For example, fine dining customers may expect more space and privacy when dining than guests of more casual establishments. Families with children may prefer a relaxed environment that appeals to children. Understanding the needs of guests allows owners to develop a design that pleases customers.

Dining Room

When planning the dining room, consider the number of guests expected at peak meal hours. A good restaurant design will accommodate this number while maintaining customer comfort. Customers should be able to move around easily and dine without feeling crowded.

Create the right atmosphere by choosing furnishings, colors and lighting suited to the restaurant's theme and clientele. An owner of a family friendly restaurant, for example, may choose bright colors and lighting to create an environment suited to children. Restaurants that cater to adults and fine dining often choose more subdued lighting and furnishings that create a more intimate environment.


Owners of restaurants that serve alcohol may benefit from creating a separate bar area. A bar serves as a place for guests to order a drink and relax while waiting to be seated. This area also allows single customers to sit for a meal without waiting for a table. In restaurants with heavy weekend traffic, the bar area should be as large as space allows.


A restaurant serving high quality meals requires a well-designed kitchen. The kitchen should be able to accommodate all necessary equipment along with all needed kitchen staff. Include areas for food preparation, storage and handling. Areas for handling shipments and washing dishes are also necessary. A well planned kitchen allows the restaurant to operate efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction.


When space allows, a restaurant's public restrooms should be able to accommodate several guests. Tables should be located away from restrooms or separated from them by partitions. If possible, employee restrooms should be located away from public restrooms.

Staff and Office Space

The restaurant layout should include a space for staff to store their personal belongings. A restaurant's office should be a secure area suitable for storing money and important items or documents. Ideally, office space should be located in the back of the layout.

At all stages of restaurant planning, keep the customer's needs and expectations in mind. Thoughtful attention to these details allows the restaurateur to create a dining environment that encourages customers to keep coming back.

Paul Kelly is the man behind some of Australia's most successful food and beverage venues. Coming into our 15th year of business, Paul Kelly Design is turning the corner on 150 projects, each a signature space, each uniquely different and each one a personal creation of Paul Kelly and his team.

We are hospitality design, we live and breathe it and we do it very well. Welcome to Paul Kelly Design home of the creative minds behind some of Australia's most successful food and beverage venues. Coming into our 15th year of business we are turning the corner on 150 projects, each a signature space, each uniquely different and each one a personal creation of Paul Kelly and his team.We are a holistic design company embracing new ideas and taking the complete project head on with involvement into every area of the project. Our goal is to be the top hospitality firm in the market and our passion for the success of the venues we create gives a Paul Kelly Design project the edge over competitors.

Urban Bags

Like these bags. I found them sharp and intelligent with urban functionality.
Carga 01 Notebook Tote by Mauro Bianucci

Setgo Transport Urban Bag

Designs by: Yanko Design

CTBUH 2011 International Competition Proposal by Hoxha, Vathi, Millona

Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona
The project proposal for the first CTBUH international student design competition by Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona aims to redefine the gap created between the two extreme social classes of India as the widening income gap between the rich and the poor over the years has raised fears of a social backlash.
The site of the proposal is situated purposely in front of the tallest building in New Delhi.The project examines a possible redirection of social organization by new environment, in which the Tallness of the building influences the change of the skyline by giving “power” to the poor.

Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona
The building is composed by small blocks of house units repeated in vertical and horizontal direction with common green public spaces placed between them. These units are planned to be an ecosystem of products and solutions designed around the real needs of the inhabitants. Each roof is covered with an inexpensive solar panel and also equipped with a battery for the lighting of the house. At the same time the battery also serves as power source for the mobile phone.
Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millon
These units are projected to facilitate their maintenance by economic means. They are shifted from each other for solar gain purposes. To increase the interaction between dwellers of the building a great number of public areas are placed all over the proposed object.

Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona

 Source: arch daily

Tips and Guide on Home Improvement to Increase Your Home's Value

If this involves home enhancements you will find various steps you can take which will really boost the overall value of your house. Now, you will find big projects that can be done like adding another room and major landscape designs.

Individuals provides you with a sizable rise in value, but that has that type of money to place right into a home improvement project simply to increase value? Many people want individuals little methods and tips that will not break their bank and can still enhance the value.

A few of the small, but unique, steps you can take to boost the need for your house is cleaning. Whenever you keep things clean, you're helping to ensure that they're functional and repair free. For your bathrooms, for instance by continuing to keep the bathroom, sinks, and shower or bath clean, you will not need to bother about changing them once they break or break apart.

Rather than heading out and buying harsh chemical cleansers, you should use whitened vinegar and citrus juice to obtain that top drawer shine and clean smell for the bathroom. This controls bacteria and bacteria that grow.

Other small makeovers might help increase the need for your house such things as new flooring is going to do a fantastic job of raising the worthiness. You may also put on a coat of fresh paint, both inside and outdoors like a value growing home improvement. If you are planning to complete major makeovers, make certain that you employ the right materials, particularly if you are searching to try and allow it to be look because the house did when it was initially built. With older houses, individuals built pre 1950, this really is a terrific way to result in the value climb to record levels.

Regardless of what type of home restoration you choose to caused by result in the value in your house increase, always make certain you have all of the right papers filed, if you're doing major construction type remodeling. You may also pay a contractor to are available in and provide you with ideas in regards to what it will require to create your remodeling an entire success, even when you will get it done by yourself rather than employing someone.

“Theatre of the Public Realm” by Moshe Safdie

The new Kauffman Center for Performing Arts designed by Moshe Safdie & Associates, with BNIM Associates, Associate Architects, aims to reaffirm the role of the arts in public life, and to give Kansas City, Mo., a pair of world-class performance venues.

Safdie Architects was hired 12 years ago by Julia Irene Kauffman, a prominent Kansas City philanthropist whose mother first proposed the idea, and provided the initial funding. From the beginning, Safdie was enthusiastic about the site: 13 acres crowning a slope that extends south into the city’s Crossroads Arts District. 

It was the prominence and visibility of the site that allowed him to conceive the project as an exercise in “urban extroversion,” a move to connect the performing arts to the city, and the city to the celebrating public.

Safdie oriented the building to the south to take advantage of expansive views over the city. The arched forms on the northern façade ascend from the ground to the highest point of the structure, then meet a descending slope clad in stainless steel. Near the bottom of the slope, the steel turns to glass, and the roof form connects with a glass curtain wall suspended at an angle through a system of steel cables.

Source: AIArchitect

iPhone Rubber Case

iPhone Rubber Case elasty personal things
Designer Yoori Koo came up with a claver silicone rubber case called Elasty that has five slits that are good enough to tuck in bills, pen, stylus or credit cards.

iPhone Rubber Case elasty 2 personal things

Breakfast Casserole

Every couple of months, the folks I sit next to at work decide to throw together a potluck breakfast that we call "Pod Breakfast."  It originally started as just the 10-12 people that all sit together in a group of desks we call a "pod", but we've since expanded to our other co-workers from other sides of the building.  We're all about sharing!  At first, I was just bringing whatever was easiest - fruit, donuts, etc.  Then my friend Betsy shared her delicious breakfast casserole recipe with me and it's since become a staple for me to bring to any work breakfast event.

2 cups dry chicken Stove Top stuffing mix
2 cups milk
1 lb. ground sausage
6 eggs
2 cups cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a 9 x12 baking dish

Cook sausage, drain grease, and set off to the side

Beat eggs and milk together in a large bowl

Stir in stuffing, sausage, and 1 cup cheese to egg mixture

I did not use a large bowl and it was about to overflow!

Pour mixture into baking dish and cover with remaining cheese

I'll explain the little dish below!

Bake 45 - 50 minutes

I am not a morning person, so I usually make this at night and then reheat for about 35 minutes in the oven before work.  And typically, Jon never gets to enjoy any of this yummy dish because I always take the entire casserole to work.  Tonight as I was making the casserole, I decided to bake a little tiny one just for Jon.

Enjoy! :)

Too Much Brown

This weekend I'll be on the lookout for pillows to give a little color to our living room.  With the dark brown couches and the mocha walls, the current brown pillows just look too, well, brown!! And honestly, I've been hating on these pillows for a year and a half now, so I'm just excited to get something different!

Anyways, here's a little before and after/sneak peak at the living room with the paint on the walls.  All we've done so far is move the furniture back in place, so not too much to show off other than the color.


Mocha walls, brown couches and brown pillows are just too much! I'm thinking I'll swap in bright and colorful pillows just to have a little something to pop in all of that brown!

The coffee table and end tables are the worst.  We're staining them with a cherry finish as soon as the kitchen painting is complete.  And those floor lamps? They have GOT to go.  Jon finally admitted they are ugly, thank goodness.

That's right, over on the left is the world's bulkiest entertainment center.  I'm currently trying to talk Jon into letting me paint it.  I'm also trying to convince his brother to take it back.  No luck yet on either. Also, drapes are needed for that window.  If nothing else but to mask the brown blinds.  Jon obviously has a thing for brown.

Ignore the giant box of tissues on the end table.  I told you we've been sick! 

CTBUH 10th Annual Awards Symposium

The CTBUH 2011 award winners will be recognized and awards conferred at the CTBUH 10th Annual Awards Ceremony & Dinner on November 3rd, 2011 at Illinois Institute of Technology. All of the winning projects and finalists will be celebrated at this gala event. Additionally from the four regional best tall building winners, one "Worldwide" winner will be chosen and announced to close out the Dinner event.

More Information: CTBUH

Fall Fail

October has just slipped by me and I realized yesterday as I was driving into my neighborhood that I didn't decorate for fall this year.  Not one pumpkin was carved and no beautiful mums were placed out front.  But here's a little fall inspiration from Martha Stewart that I would have used if I had decorated for fall.

Glitter pumpkins - is there anything else to say?

I would have no where to put this at my house (no porch railing), but a great idea for my future dream house!

I love the mums in the large pumpkin and I love the pumpkins spray painted gold.

Another idea for my future dream house as we do not have a fire place.

I suppose I could still slap a fall wreath up until Thanksgiving.  I'll see what I can find this weekend.  And I promise, I will not let decorating for Christmas pass me by like fall did!

Fried Green Tomatoes

One of my favorite southern dishes is fried green tomatoes.  If we go somewhere with fried green tomatoes on the menu I have to order them.  Our tomato plant finally grew a few tomatoes last month (we would have tomato plants that didn't grow anything for 5 months) but the tomatoes would rot by the time they turned red.  Determined to not let any more rot, we picked the green ones off the vine and set them on our countertop.  I thought eventually they would ripen, but I've been staring at two green tomatoes for almost two weeks now.  Afraid these green ones would rot too, I decided to fry them up for a yummy appetizer before dinner last night.  And friends, they were delicious!

2 green tomatoes
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup vegetable oil

Whisk egg and milk in a medium bowl

Place flour on a plate

On a separate plate or bowl, mix cornmeal, bread crumbs, parmesan, salt, and pepper

Slice tomatoes about 1/4 inch thick

Take a tomato slice and cover each side with flour

Dip the flour covered tomato into the egg mixture.  Be sure to cover the tomato all over to help the cornmeal mixture to stick.

Dredge the slice into the cornmeal mixture, coating both sides completely

Repeat with remaining slices

Heat oil in pan - I prefer to use my cast iron skillet for frying.  Once oil is hot, place tomatoes into pan and fry for about 3 minutes or until brown, flip, and fry the other side.

Enjoy alone or with a dash or two of hot sauce.

The parmesan mixed with the bread crumbs and cornmeal make these tomatoes delicious and just as good as what I've had at different restaurants!

(Side note, no judging for my horrible pictures! I just don't have the skills to make food look beautiful on a plate!)

DIRTT's Breathe - The Living Wall

DIRTT at IIDEX Exhibition,Toronto
Breathe is the living wall system from DIRTT Environmental Solutions. It shares the same notion of modularity as the rest of the DIRTT system. Breathe supports living plant modules and an independent water delivery system. These two elements are separate units to ensure plants can be maintained and removed individually for servicing or replacement.

Living Plant Modules
Plants are known to remove harmful environmental toxins found in building interiors. Pollutants have a direct impact, resulting in illness and lower rates of productivity in the workplace. Most buildings condition air through an HVAC system to render the air fit for human use. Conditioning air requires energy, further contributing to greenhouse gas production and the cost of building operations. Plant landscapes can lighten the load of the HVAC system by removing many of these toxins, resulting in up to 10% less energy use in buildings. Studies confirm certain types of indoor plants reliably reduce total volatile organic compound loads by 75%, to below 100 ppb.
Breathe facilitates biophilic design – design that reflects a love for the natural world. Interior plantscapes can be used to create healing, pleasant spaces. The use of plants indoors, to realize biophilia objectives and improve indoor air quality, has helped secure Innovation Credit 1.2 in LEED projects. Breathe provides a benefit to indoor air quality that no HVAC system can supply, improving interior air quality and promoting occupant wellbeing.

Crime Scene Kitchen and Gallery Wall Love

We started painting our kitchen and I love the color.  But, it kind of looked like blood at first and made the  breakfast nook look like a crime scene.

We've since added more paint on the walls and it no longer looks like CSI needs to come investigate.

Oh and we've finished the living room! I'll post final photos once I have new pillows and the tables in the living room are stained.  I'm also thinking about trying a gallery wall above the sofa.  Jon's a little unsure about it, so I'm going to have a trial run and lay everything out on the floor for him to decided if he likes it or not.  If he doesn't like it for the living room, I'll do one in the loft instead. (But everyone cross your fingers he does like it for the living room!)  Here are a few gallery wall examples that I love:

If you're looking to do a gallery wall in your house, but aren't sure how to start, here's a great post from Ruby ReDesign on how to create one.  

World's Most Expensive Building Being Built in S. Korea

It is more expensive than the Burj Khalifa, which cost around W11.5 million per 3.3 sq.m and costs 40 percent more than the Samsung Group headquarters in Seocho-dong, which cost W8.5 million per 3.3 sq.m.

The skyscraper will be packed with cutting-edge equipment and facilities. The structure was designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, who created the Pompidou Center in Paris and London Bridge Tower.

Samsung Corporation, which also served as the main contractor on the Burj Khalifa and Taipei 101 (101 stories, 508 m), the latter in Taiwan, will build the new architectural landmark in Yongsan.

Scheduled to be built inside the international business district in Yongsan, the tower will not quite measure up to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (162 stories, 828 m) or the Lotte Super Tower being built in Jamsil (123 stories, 555 m), but it will be the most expensive building per square unit.

It will house the offices of global businesses and will offer a wide range of high-tech functions. First of all, the skyscraper will be equipped with the fastest elevators in the world that travel at 800 meters per second, more than six times faster than the lifts installed in high-rise condominiums in Korea (120 m/s).

The tower is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. There is a less than 25 mm room for error in the building's actual height. To ensure that, GPS-based surveying technology using three satellites will be deployed.

Source: Chosunilbo

Simple Tips and Guide for Home Improvement

Today individuals are focusing about home improvement and they also use to choose any modern style or contemporary style for his or her home. With this you have to consult experts who would show you to car process. You will find home improvement services available through the experts who would provide you with to renovate the house inside your budget. Trading home based is really a existence time investment which may offer you change affordable. By using simple ideas you'd have the ability to renovate your house.

An essential place in your own home is kitchen. If you are looking at kitchen remodeling you will want to search for specialized person. In kitchen the fundamental role is performed through the electronic home appliances. You will find different components utilized in daily existence in kitchen. First prepare a listing from the components that are required to become set up in the kitchen. The price of the constituents varies which means you have to prepare a listing for this. This could provide you with to find the components inside your budget. Search for the easy ideas which may supply you to have it inside your budget.

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Height Adjustable Desks

moll kids tables are high-quality, sustainable, safe and stylish. They are ergonomic desks designed to grow with your children, promoting good posture, at their own pace, according to their activities and tastes.
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Easy height adjustment
All moll desks and computer tables are height adjustable and adapt to the user’s height. Pull on the yo-yo string once or twice to set the desktop, no need to get up, no stress !

Tiltable desktop
Continuous adjustment to 30° to guarantee the ergonomically correct posture. User-friendly and safe, just pull on the handle under the desktop to lower it from any position.

Giant drawer
The sturdy giant drawer under the desktop frees lots of room, with 2 compartments for paper and 1 compartment for books, notebooks… Grooved foam insert for pens and pencils.

Book holder
Both book hoder and timetable with a practical support on the side,  plus a drawing template with an integrated reading glass and pen holder.

Summer is officially over!

It's no longer hot in NC, which means summer is officially over! Here's a recap of some of the fun things Jon and I did this summer:

We started our summer off with an early May trip to the Outer Banks.  Jon had never been, but instantly loved it as much as I do.  I was lucky to meet my friend Jessica in college, who get's to call this paradise her home, and spent many summers visiting North Carolina's most beautiful beaches on the OBX!

Jon also got to try out his power kite skills.  Visit our friends at NC Power Kites to get one of your own.  It's amazing how much power these kites have - they can literally drag you down the beach!

A trip to the OBX isn't complete without checking out the lighthouses! We climbed to the top of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse (photograph above - that little orange spec is Jon), but missed visiting hours for the Bodie Island Lighthouse (photographed below)

We also hit up a few local baseball games for the Durham Bulls.  This game was at their old stadium where the movie Bull Durham was filmed.

Next, I celebrated my friend Zoe's upcoming wedding.  Zoe and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, when I first moved to North Carolina.  She's by far my oldest friend and I was so happy to be a part of her celebrations!

I've actually been friends with all of these girls for at least 10 years! The sign in the middle was for our friend Marion, who wasn't able to attend the bachelorette party.

Congrats Zoe and Elliott! :) 

Next, Jon and I head to Illinois for the 4th of July to visit his aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and sister-in-law.  We drove all 16 hours and didn't kill each other.  Obviously a sign we will last long term, right? We were about an hour or so outside of Chicago, so I planned a day of site seeing with Jon's sister-in-law and we drug the boys along too!

We went to the Art Institute, ate yummy food, took the architectural river tour, and walked around soaking up the city.  Sorry New Yorkers, but I love Chicago more than NYC! 

Next, I was able to go see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in concert.  The 12 year old girl inside of me was dying the entire time! I love every second and remember the words to every song! 

This is the worst picture ever, but the best one I have from the concert.  

After that, it was off to Asheville to celebrate Bob and Gina FINALLY getting married after 10 years of dating! There was also a bachelorette party, but those photos are completely unacceptable for this blog! I'll just leave it at we had fun! 

Before the wedding, we did a little hiking around Linville Falls.  It was beautiful! 

Bob and Gina got married at this gorgeous farm right outside of Asheville.  We had a beautiful view of the mountains every day! 

Labor day was spent visiting my old roommate from college outside who now lives in Chesapeake, VA with her husband and two dogs.  I have no photos from that weekend, but we had so much fun and it was so great to see Alice.  I often wish my best girls from college were all still a mile away like they use to be at ECU!

After that, we spent a weekend at Lake Gaston for Jon's old roommate's wedding.  It was actually quite cold that weekend, but it didn't stop Jon and a few other guys from the house from jumping in the lake! 
Jon jumping into the lake.

I loved everything about Ben and Megan's wedding, from the thumb print tree to the banana pudding!

And now we're into the fall.  Which means boots, cozy sweaters, and sleeping with the windows open.  I wish this weather would just stay forever!   

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