An *Almost* Finished Dining Room!!

Our dining room is painted! There are a few touch-ups to be made on the base boards and a few more at the ceiling, but other than that, it's finished!! Here are a few photos.


 Too much white! 

I'm not a fan of this table.  I plan on switching it out with our kitchen table (which I'm also not a fan of, but like it more than this one)


 First coat of Naval on the walls!

 At this point, I ran out of paint.

 Almost ready! Just need to paint near the ceiling.

 War zone.  There was stuff everywhere in our dining room.

Jon finishing up the dining room.

Almost complete!:

All painted, but not decorated.  The love seat off to the left is hanging out while we paint the living room.

I'll post pictures once we have everything set up and decorated.  That will be after we finish painting the living room, but we're making much better progress in the living room than we did in the dining room.  Prepping before painting is so much easier. I'm glad we learned that lesson on the little dining room instead of one of the bigger rooms! 


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