Crime Scene Kitchen and Gallery Wall Love

We started painting our kitchen and I love the color.  But, it kind of looked like blood at first and made the  breakfast nook look like a crime scene.

We've since added more paint on the walls and it no longer looks like CSI needs to come investigate.

Oh and we've finished the living room! I'll post final photos once I have new pillows and the tables in the living room are stained.  I'm also thinking about trying a gallery wall above the sofa.  Jon's a little unsure about it, so I'm going to have a trial run and lay everything out on the floor for him to decided if he likes it or not.  If he doesn't like it for the living room, I'll do one in the loft instead. (But everyone cross your fingers he does like it for the living room!)  Here are a few gallery wall examples that I love:

If you're looking to do a gallery wall in your house, but aren't sure how to start, here's a great post from Ruby ReDesign on how to create one.  


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