CTBUH 2011 International Competition Proposal by Hoxha, Vathi, Millona

Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona
The project proposal for the first CTBUH international student design competition by Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona aims to redefine the gap created between the two extreme social classes of India as the widening income gap between the rich and the poor over the years has raised fears of a social backlash.
The site of the proposal is situated purposely in front of the tallest building in New Delhi.The project examines a possible redirection of social organization by new environment, in which the Tallness of the building influences the change of the skyline by giving “power” to the poor.

Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona
The building is composed by small blocks of house units repeated in vertical and horizontal direction with common green public spaces placed between them. These units are planned to be an ecosystem of products and solutions designed around the real needs of the inhabitants. Each roof is covered with an inexpensive solar panel and also equipped with a battery for the lighting of the house. At the same time the battery also serves as power source for the mobile phone.
Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millon
These units are projected to facilitate their maintenance by economic means. They are shifted from each other for solar gain purposes. To increase the interaction between dwellers of the building a great number of public areas are placed all over the proposed object.

Courtesy of Ajmona Hoxha, Elis Vathi, Klodiana Millona

 Source: arch daily


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