Living Room Sneak Peak!

We're almost finished painting the living room! We just have a few little touch-ups left from where the paint and the tape did not want to leave each other.  Of course, we still have the coffee table and end tables to stain and I need new pillows and curtains.  Side note - Jon hates curtains.  I'm thinking one day I'll just hang them up when he isn't home and then he'll just come home and instantly love them! It probably will not work out that way, but oh well! A girl can dream.

Anyways, here's a little sneak peak at the living room color next to the dining room blue.

Our living room color is Behr's Mocha Latte.  I was a little scared it was going to look like someone smeared mud all over the walls, but now that it's up, we both like it.  This Friday, Jon and I are both off work, and tackling the kitchen this weekend.  I cannot wait to get that gorgeous red on the walls!


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