Summer is officially over!

It's no longer hot in NC, which means summer is officially over! Here's a recap of some of the fun things Jon and I did this summer:

We started our summer off with an early May trip to the Outer Banks.  Jon had never been, but instantly loved it as much as I do.  I was lucky to meet my friend Jessica in college, who get's to call this paradise her home, and spent many summers visiting North Carolina's most beautiful beaches on the OBX!

Jon also got to try out his power kite skills.  Visit our friends at NC Power Kites to get one of your own.  It's amazing how much power these kites have - they can literally drag you down the beach!

A trip to the OBX isn't complete without checking out the lighthouses! We climbed to the top of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse (photograph above - that little orange spec is Jon), but missed visiting hours for the Bodie Island Lighthouse (photographed below)

We also hit up a few local baseball games for the Durham Bulls.  This game was at their old stadium where the movie Bull Durham was filmed.

Next, I celebrated my friend Zoe's upcoming wedding.  Zoe and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, when I first moved to North Carolina.  She's by far my oldest friend and I was so happy to be a part of her celebrations!

I've actually been friends with all of these girls for at least 10 years! The sign in the middle was for our friend Marion, who wasn't able to attend the bachelorette party.

Congrats Zoe and Elliott! :) 

Next, Jon and I head to Illinois for the 4th of July to visit his aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and sister-in-law.  We drove all 16 hours and didn't kill each other.  Obviously a sign we will last long term, right? We were about an hour or so outside of Chicago, so I planned a day of site seeing with Jon's sister-in-law and we drug the boys along too!

We went to the Art Institute, ate yummy food, took the architectural river tour, and walked around soaking up the city.  Sorry New Yorkers, but I love Chicago more than NYC! 

Next, I was able to go see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in concert.  The 12 year old girl inside of me was dying the entire time! I love every second and remember the words to every song! 

This is the worst picture ever, but the best one I have from the concert.  

After that, it was off to Asheville to celebrate Bob and Gina FINALLY getting married after 10 years of dating! There was also a bachelorette party, but those photos are completely unacceptable for this blog! I'll just leave it at we had fun! 

Before the wedding, we did a little hiking around Linville Falls.  It was beautiful! 

Bob and Gina got married at this gorgeous farm right outside of Asheville.  We had a beautiful view of the mountains every day! 

Labor day was spent visiting my old roommate from college outside who now lives in Chesapeake, VA with her husband and two dogs.  I have no photos from that weekend, but we had so much fun and it was so great to see Alice.  I often wish my best girls from college were all still a mile away like they use to be at ECU!

After that, we spent a weekend at Lake Gaston for Jon's old roommate's wedding.  It was actually quite cold that weekend, but it didn't stop Jon and a few other guys from the house from jumping in the lake! 
Jon jumping into the lake.

I loved everything about Ben and Megan's wedding, from the thumb print tree to the banana pudding!

And now we're into the fall.  Which means boots, cozy sweaters, and sleeping with the windows open.  I wish this weather would just stay forever!   


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