Things I've Learned

We're about a week into our new adventure and I've learned a few things already.

  1. A dark color shows the flaws in your drywall.  We choose Sherwin-Williams' Naval for our dining room color, and when you get up close to it, it makes the flaws in the wall, such as a nail pop or a not-so-smooth section much more obvious than the white paint before it.  We even went with a flat finish, as I read the glossier the finish, the more flaw pop out. Don't get me wrong, I love the dark beautiful color, it's rich and gorgeous, but not perfect.
  2. Painting with 9 ft. ceilings sucks.  There's no way to get around using a ladder, and I hate ladders. 
  3. I wish my dad was taping up the trim.  He's so much better at it than me.  As I was taping up the ceiling today, that was all I could think of - I wish my dad was doing this! I almost called him to see what he was doing today and if he wanted to come tape up my trim, but decided against it.  I am a functional adult and I can tape things on my own.
  4. This isn't happening as quickly as I hoped.  We jumped in last Sunday and started painting away.  Turns out a small, little room still needed two gallons of paint, not one, because it's such a dark color.  So, last Sunday, I painted as much as I could until I ran out.   Monday, we went back to Sherwin-Williams and bought another gallon of Naval (thankfully, it was the final day of the 40% Super Sale, so we didn't have to pay full price).  I had grand plans of finishing the room Monday because I was off work, but my body had other ideas.  I was sick with a cold, and was too exhausted to paint anything.  Working and attempting to redecorate only leaves the weekends, and Jon often works Saturdays, so that just leaves us Sundays if we want to do the work together.
  5. Sometimes, when we are painting and edging, we really get on each others nerves.  But I still love Jon.  And I'm pretty sure he still loves me.
We've only got to do a few touch ups and edge the walls near the ceiling, and our dining room is finished!  Currently, the dining room looks like a war zone, as does part of our living room, and I cannot wait to have that room finished, decorated, and ready to go.  But then there will be the living room and the kitchen.  And all the rooms upstairs...and why didn't we hirer contractors again?! Oh that's right, because it's cheaper to paint it yourself, and Jon and I came from DIY families, so hiring someone just wasn't an option for us.

But you better believe if we ever have a house built, we're picking out the wall colors beforehand, and they will definitely paint the walls for us. 


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