Too Much Brown

This weekend I'll be on the lookout for pillows to give a little color to our living room.  With the dark brown couches and the mocha walls, the current brown pillows just look too, well, brown!! And honestly, I've been hating on these pillows for a year and a half now, so I'm just excited to get something different!

Anyways, here's a little before and after/sneak peak at the living room with the paint on the walls.  All we've done so far is move the furniture back in place, so not too much to show off other than the color.


Mocha walls, brown couches and brown pillows are just too much! I'm thinking I'll swap in bright and colorful pillows just to have a little something to pop in all of that brown!

The coffee table and end tables are the worst.  We're staining them with a cherry finish as soon as the kitchen painting is complete.  And those floor lamps? They have GOT to go.  Jon finally admitted they are ugly, thank goodness.

That's right, over on the left is the world's bulkiest entertainment center.  I'm currently trying to talk Jon into letting me paint it.  I'm also trying to convince his brother to take it back.  No luck yet on either. Also, drapes are needed for that window.  If nothing else but to mask the brown blinds.  Jon obviously has a thing for brown.

Ignore the giant box of tissues on the end table.  I told you we've been sick! 


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