Les Terrasses Cap-á-l’aigle: Where Architecture and Nature Connect / MU Architecture

Courtesy of
Architects: MU Architecture
Location: Charlevoix Region, Quebec, CanadaClient’s Name: Florent Moser
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy fo MU Architecture
The residential development project Les Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle was born from a passion for the great open spaces and natural beauty of the Charlevoix region in 2009. Florent Moser and Alain Rajotte, both entrepreneurs as well as ardent lovers of the region, have created a unique residential development project that unites nature and architecture to provide a haven of peace and rejuvenation for its future owners and tenants.
Les Terrasses Cap-á-l'aigle: Where Architecture and Nature Connect / MU Architecture (13) Courtesy of MU Architecture 
With respect for the environment and the desire to harmonize with nature as the driving forces behind the project, the developers conceived modern, luxury homes that blend seamlessly into the landscape. This major residential development offers hillside lots with panoramic views, surrounding mature forest, privacy, tranquility, abundant natural light, and quality infrastructures. It is a two-phase project, with 60 and 40 lots respectively. Close to half of the lots in the first phase were sold in less than two years.
“We have developed a concept that corresponds with our vision of the modern home. In our opinion, every house should be customized in such a way so as to satisfy the needs of the clients while perfectly integrating into its environment. As such, we wanted to create a haven of peace that puts nature at the forefront by playing with natural assets such as slope, sunshine, and panoramic view. Furthermore, our houses are designed by the architectural firm MU Architecture, who share our philosophy,” explains Florent Moser, developer and general contractor of the Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle project.

Nature: A one-of-a-kind canvas

Located in the very heart of nature on a vast wooded hillside, houses in the Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle are veritable sanctuaries of rejuvenation. Their simple, minimalist design, in direct contrast with the surrounding wilderness, enhances the beauty of the physical landscape.
Architecturally speaking, the south-west orientation of the houses, in conjunction with their large, bay windows, maximizes the amount of sunshine for optimal energy efficiency as well as affords breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. In addition to harmonizing with nature, the green roofs serve as natural air conditioning by absorbing heat waves.

A “made in Quebec” construction

The houses in the Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle project are truly “made in Quebec”. With a vast majority of the materials and labour utilized in their construction hailing from the four corners of the province, these houses showcase the superb quality of local workmanship and products. For example, all windows are made of Quebec aluminum assembled in Montreal by the firm Alumilex. The granite used in the Marée Basse kitchen design comes from the Eastern Townships, while the bathroom vanities are made of Laurentian concrete. The Phare residence features machined steel from La Malbaie throughout, including the kitchen décor, the staircases and banisters, some furniture, the bathroom vanities and the central fireplace. Furthermore, the exterior siding of each house in this residential complex is made of wood from Quebec.

Courtesy of MU Architecture
Source: Archdaily

Plans Change Again for World's Most Expensive Building

From left, artist's impressions of Triple One, DMC Landmark Tower, and Lotte Super Tower

The developers of the Yongsan Landmark Tower have hastily altered the plans to make it Korea's tallest building. The skyscraper in the downtown Seoul business district was originally intended to be 100 stories and 500 m high, but the developers have decided to add 11 more stories and 120 m to make it the tallest building in Korea. 

The developers also decided to change the name from Landmark Tower to Triple One standing for 111 the ostensible number of floors. There are three other skyscrapers being built in Seoul that will be more than 100 stories high -- the Lotte Super Tower in Jamsil, Global Business Center next to Seoul Forest and the DMC Landmark Tower in Sangam in northwestern Seoul, which was expected to be the tallest building in Korea at 133 stories and 640 m. But the developers of the DMC Landmark Tower are scaling back their plans citing high construction costs and a low occupancy rate due to the economic slump.

Italian star architect Renzo Piano (74), who built the New York Times Tower in the U.S., is in charge of the new design. Construction will be handled by Samsung Corporation, which built the Burj Khalifa and Taipei 101. An insider said if Piano completes the design by the end of this year, construction will start in 2013. 

Triple One was estimated to cost W1.4 trillion to build or W12.1 million per 3.3 sq m, making it the most expensive in the world, but that is expected to rise even further due to the height extension.

Source: Chosunilbo

What are the Ideal Home Improvement Furniture for your Room?

To determine the perfect indoor furniture can be quite hard for several people. Though you will find many references you can use a minimum of are capable of helping you selecting the perfect furniture. You will find a lot of reasons when you wish to purchase furniture for example material, design and cost. Indoor furniture will come in various materials however people prefer wood furniture. Wood brings warmth atmosphere inside a room also natural impression.

Indoor wood furniture offered in several types of timber, for example teak and mahogany. Teak is really a solid hardwood with smooth texture and supports all kinds of weather. This type of wood also offers sturdiness thus provides a reason classic teak furniture is going to be highly valued. Teak is appropriate for outside furniture because its natural oil which could safeguard from decay, bugs, and bacteria. This type of wood is quite costly specifically for the truly amazing quality.

Another wood which can be used furniture is mahogany. Mahogany isn't as costly as teak nevertheless it has excellent workability and incredibly durable which causes it to be appropriate for boat construction. It's also frequently employed for musical instruments, specially the backs of guitars also appropriate for crafting furniture. Mahogany includes a red-brown color that is bring heat and natural impression. It'll darken with time, and shows an attractive red sheen when polished.

Also give attention around the furniture size and fashions could make you simpler to determine the best furniture. You are able to choose the best furniture whether it's classic, antique or modern which fit your taste. Furniture in classic or antique designs could give you fully ornamented furniture. It'll bring your living space to glamorous or gorgeous impression. Modern or contemporary would bring simplicity or elegant atmosphere. Size additionally a matter make certain you discover appropriate size for the room. So you won't locate an extra-large table for the room. Finally is cost discover the cost won't burn an opening in your wallet.

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Porsche's Green-Roofed North American Headquarter

green design, eco design, sustainable design, HOK Architects, Porsche North American Headquarters, Atlanta, LEEd Silver Certification, green roof, Atlanta Airport, interior courtyard, rainwater filter

HOK Architects were recently chosen to design Atlanta’s new Porsche North America headquarters, which will feature a sweeping kinetic facade and an immense green roof. The movement-filled building reflects the Porsche brand while incorporating innovative green landscape architecture, and it is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification.

By integrating the track into the building's lower levels and weaving in subtle motorsport-related cues, HOK's design immerses employees, dealers and customers in the Porsche experience.
The luxury German vehicle’s headquarters will cost Porsche $100 million and will occupy a 130 acre mixed-use area near the airport.  The 200,000 square foot complex will include a technical service and training center, a road handling track, a customer and driver experience center, and offices.
The impressive complex will wrap around an interior courtyard, which will create a space for employees and customers to interact. Cafes, team rooms, and meeting spaces will also flank the natural light-filled courtyard area.  The floors surrounding the courtyard will be lined with floor-to-ceiling windows that open up the interior spaces and blend them with the extrior.
The building will be also enveloped in an energy conserving shell that will protect it from solar gain. Natural ventilation will help the large campus maintain cool air circulation efficiently. The richly planted green grass roof shields the interior from the hot Atlanta sun while filtering rainwater.
HOK’s state of the art green campus is the proper home for Porsche’s North American presence, incorporating energy efficiency and green design with open, cooperative work spaces for employees and customers to enjoy.

World’s lightest material developed: research by California Institute of Technology

Researchers have developed the world’s lightest material - with a density of 0.9 mg/cc -about one hundred times lighter than Styrofoam.
The new material redefines the limits of lightweight materials because of its unique “micro-lattice” cellular architecture.
The researchers were able to make a material that consists of 99.99 percent air by designing the 0.01 percent solid at the nanometer, micron and millimeter scales.
“The trick is to fabricate a lattice of interconnected hollow tubes with a wall thickness 1,000 times thinner than a human hair,” said lead author Dr. Tobias Schaedler of HRL.
A photograph of the material
The material’s architecture allows unprecedented mechanical behavior for a metal, including complete recovery from compression exceeding 50 percent strain and extraordinarily high energy absorption.
“Materials actually get stronger as the dimensions are reduced to the nanoscale,” explained UCI mechanical and aerospace engineer Lorenzo Valdevit, UCI’s principal investigator on the project. “Combine this with the possibility of tailoring the architecture of the micro-lattice and you have a unique cellular material.”
Developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the novel material could be used for battery electrodes and acoustic, vibration or shock energy absorption.
William Carter, manager of the architected materials group at HRL, compared the new material to larger, more familiar edifices: “Modern buildings, exemplified by the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge, are incredibly light and weight-efficient by virtue of their architecture. We are revolutionizing lightweight materials by bringing this concept to the nano and micro scales.”
The findings from a team from UC Irvine, HRL Laboratories and the California Institute of Technology appear in the Nov. 18 issue of Science.

How to Finance Home Improvements with No Equity?

Here is a small little bit of sunshine in the pitch-dark corner from the U.S. housing industry: Sales of houses in certain stage of foreclosures or possessed by banks paid for for 31% of residential sales within the second quarter -Up from 24% around-ago period, based on a study launched Thursday by RealtyTrac.

Sales of houses in pre-foreclosures -- in arrears or scheduled for auction -- rose 19% in the first quarter. "This is actually the very first time we have seen a substantial jump quarter-over-quarter in a nutshell sales, therefore it might be the start of a trend," states Ron Sharga, RealtyTrac senior v . p .. (Inside a short purchase, the loan provider concurs to simply accept under the total amount due around the mortgage.)

As loan companies exercise qualities through short sales, it cuts down on the backlog of distressed houses, and really should eventually help stabilize home values. "Cost depreciation is indeed a problem for retailers and loan companies worried about writing financial loans on qualities which will deteriorate in value," Sharga notes.

However with ongoing economic malaise, there is no telling the number of potential short sales and house foreclosures have been in the pipeline. I received an e-mail from the homeowner named Barbara who discussed a effective mortgage modification but may finish as a brief-purchase candidate because she can't finance home repairs. She's an 80/20 loan, a structure which was popular throughout the housing boom: It permitted individuals who didn't have the money for any lower payment to invest in 80% of the price of their house using a standard mortgage, after which to get a far more costly "piggyback" loan to invest in another 20%. Here's her question:

I've an 80/20 loan, and that i just did financing modification around the 80 loan, which decreased my payment from $2,008 to $1,715 per month. However, I haven't had the opportunity to change the 20 loan, and I must but I'm not able because of my earnings. Home is within serious necessity of repairs particularly in my basement where water damage and mold could ruin home. How do i start refinancing to create the required repairs?

I am afraid your choices are restricted. I spoken with a mortgage company who stated you won't have the ability to perform a traditional re-finance to cover repairs for those who have no equity in your home. The government Hamp Loans includes a program open to address second liens. But you'll want received assistance through HAMP from the taking part servicing company and also the modification around the first mortgage and 2nd lien occur simultaneously. (Some 30,000 second liens happen to be modified and 1,279 removed because the program began in April 2010.)

Based on how old you are and earnings, you may be eligible for a free the aid of Repairing Together, the only real national nonprofit that delivers free repairs to home owners in need of assistance. You are able to achieve the business at (800) 473-4229.

Probably the most radical and hard option would be to perform a short purchase of the home, provided each of your loan companies agree. (The customer could obtain a 203k loan to invest in the repairs.) You might have the ability to persuade the loan companies if you're able to demonstrate that postponing the repairs can make the house unliveable. Call 3 to 4 different basement contractors and obtain their opinions and bids in your project.

In case your loan companies will not approve a brief purchase, contractors sometimes provide financing, even though it might be tough that you should qualify. You can test to tap an unsecured loan from family or buddies, or try a web-based peer-to-peer lending site for example Lending Club. Your money appear way too precarious to place the repairs on the charge card (for those who have one), but it is a possible last measure if waiting will destroy the need for your house. I really hope it calculates.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We're off to sunny Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of lots delicious food!

Live Work Home by Cook+Fox Architects

an affordable and sustainable small home design in Syracuse, New York with an open plan and flexible partitioning.

The Live Work Home resembles a small loft with a column-free structure. Sliding doors and mobile partitions allow for easy reconfiguration of the interior space. live_work_home_cook_fox_architects_2b.jpg

Daylighting was a top priority, not only is the house placed to maximize direct solar exposure, skylight tubes penetrating the roof also provide diffused daylight.

A perforated screen wraps the western and northern facades and "bounces" daylight into the house.

A large, garage-type front door can fold down to create an open-air anteroom, like a front porch the space creates an ethic of "eyes on the street" that helps residents feel safe and engaged with the sidewalk and street.

Photos: ©Cook+Fox Architects.

More from
Cook+Fox Architects: Live Work Home, a winning design proposal from Cook+Fox Architects in the From the Ground Up Competition in Syracuse, New York, has been awarded LEED-NC (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction) Platinum certification, the highest possible rating by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). On Friday, November 11, Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chair of the USGBC, recognized this notable achievement by presenting the LEED Platinum certificate to architect Richard Cook in Syracuse.

Completed in late 2010, the Live Work Home considers the longevity and livelihood of the Near West Side of Syracuse, NY, a shrinking city affected by the migration of significant industry throughout the 20th century. Today, the neighborhood faces high unemployment rates and lacks space for creative industry. Affordable housing alone does not respond to the needs of the neighborhood; its vitality as a community is a question of sustaining livelihoods and the social diversity. Just as pockets of extreme blight and vacant lots can weaken a neighborhood, adding density to the small-lot patterns of Near West Side with mixed social and economic activity will re-energize the community.

Inspired by the legend of the Three Sisters, a lesson in strengthening agricultural biodiversity, the flexible home "seeds" the neighborhood with many different building types, driving a positive cycle of long-term investment. Essentially a small modern loft, the simple and flexible construction of Live Work Home--a column-free structure with sliding doors and mobile partitions--was designed to address a range of uses over time and allows for a lifetime of waste-free remodeling. This 1,400 square foot project reconsiders the understood definition of "home" for a new, urban context- and demonstrates how small-scale sustainable architecture can be delivered at the highest level.

"Our beds are empty two-thirds of the time. Our living rooms are empty seven-eighths of the time. Our office buildings are empty one-half of the time. It's time we gave this some thought." -Buckminster Fuller, I Seem to Be a Verb, 1970

Grounded in ideas of healthy living and biophilia--our innate human need to connect with the natural world--the home is also a response to Syracuse's climate and ecology. The city's long, light-starved winters make daylighting a top priority, thus the house is placed to maximize solar exposure, lit with direct and diffused daylight from skylight tubes penetrating the roof. A perforated screen wrapping the western and northern facades bounces daylight into the house and filters light through adjustable rotating screens along the western side. Inspired by the natural beauty the pattern of dappled light filtering through a tree canopy, the custom-designed screen draws from Janine Benyus' research on biomimicry, which teaches about taking design cues from nature. The screen also features a large, garage-type front door, which can fold down to create an open-air anteroom of "prospect and refuge." Acting as a front porch, this space creates an ethic of "eyes on the street" that helps residents feel safe and engaged with the sidewalk and street.

The long, narrow site suggested an exploration of linear archetypes including the Haudenosaunee longhouse, Syracuse's original vernacular form, which is easily lengthened or shortened with changing family dynamics. An open, linear plan was chosen to achieve the greatest possible flexibility at the least expense and to allow residents to "age in place," which encourages long-term residence and intergenerational living.

It was especially important to consider long-term operational affordability during the design-process when addressing the needs of a diverse population of potential occupants, including students and aging residents, and low-tech passive strategies became the foundation of the home's green design concept and affordability. A high-performance building envelope constructed of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) saves energy, improves comfort, and reduces both construction waste and on-going costs of ownership. A heat recovery ventilator circulates healthy, filtered air year-round. During hot summer evenings, the garage door can be closed, allowing front doors to remain open for natural cooling while maintaining privacy and security. Efficient, hot water-based heating is delivered through a radiant floor, which also allows maximum flexibility in room planning when compared to standard forced-air systems.

Beyond affordability, the concern to build for longevity and sustainability necessitated the healthiest possible indoor environment for the homeowners. Materials were chosen to protect the indoor air quality by reducing the risk of moisture, mold, and the off-gassing of harmful chemicals. Following the deconstruction of the original home sitting on the lot as well as a nearby warehouse, old-growth pine and hemlock were salvaged and repurposed into the floors and cabinets, part of a broader ethic of waste-free modeling and re-use for Live Work Home. To address stormwater issues, the functional landscape design includes low-maintenance, drought-tolerant native grasses and rain-barrels.

Local nonprofit Home HeadQuarters managed the construction process, which included training for a team of construction apprentices, cultivating a workforce for future sustainable building projects, and creating much-needed green-collar jobs. Homeowners John and Kathy Miranda moved into the home in November 2010 with the intention to fulfill the home's flexible layout to house an environmental consulting business, a small office space, and personal living space for the couple.

Following the From the Ground Up jury process, longtime Near West Side resident and juror Carol Horan said, "I went back to the neighborhood where I've been living for 37 years and looked at it with new eyes, paying more attention to details that I had never noticed before. My fondest wish for this neighborhood, and indeed, the whole community, is that we all look with new eyes."

The award of LEED Platinum to Live Work Home is the result of a fully integrated team that included:

Architect: Cook + Fox Architects, LLP
Client: Home HeadQuarters, Inc.
Environmental Consultant: Terrapin Bright Green, LLC
Sustainable Construction Consultant: Northeast Green Building Consulting, LLC
Structural Engineer: Severud Associates
MEP Engineer (Competition): Arup
MEP Engineer (Project): Jaros, Baum & Bolles
Landscape Architecture: Terrain
by Harry / November 21, 2011

3form launches four new stunning products

*Facet space divider by 3form in collaboration with bloomming

3form, the leading manufacturer of award winning, eco friendly materials and architectural hardware solutions for the Architecture + Design industries, has recently launched four new, stunning products: Ditto, Shapes and Facet plus new a integrated lighting solution – Lightline.

read more about the new 3form products on www.architonic.com

Lightline integrated light solutions for Chroma panels by 3form

Lightline ceiling Light by 3form

Ditto Space Divider by 3form

'Shapes' elements by 3form
Source: http://www.dailytonic.com/3form-launches-four-new-stunning-products/

Posted by Susanne Fritz on 17.11.2011

Guide on How to Choose a Home Improvement Contractor

A home improvement project can be quite demanding. Allow it to be less demanding by selecting your contractor carefully. The way to succeed is to look at all you can concerning the contractor before you decide to spend your hard earned money.

Whether you’re planning an addition for any growing family or just getting new storm home windows, getting a competent and reliable contractor is the initial step to some effective and satisfying home improvement project.

Your house might be your best financial resource. For this reason it’s vital that you be careful whenever you bring in help to operate onto it. Home improvement and repair and maintenance contractors frequently advertise in newspapers, the Phone Book, as well as on radio stations and television. However, don’t consider an advertisement a sign of the standard of the contractor’s work.

Your best choice is really a reality check from individuals knowledgeable: buddies, neighbors, or co-employees who may have had improvement work done. Get written estimations from the 3 firms. Request for explanations for cost versions. Don’t instantly pick the cheapest bidder.
  • Seek advice from buddies who've done similar try to the task that you're considering. Observe how satisfied these were using the contractor. Without having any buddies who had that kind of work done, you will need to lean towards the local Phone Book.
  • Even before you start calling the contractors, seek advice from the Bbb (BBB)in your town. Find out if you will find any conflicting complaints having a given contractor. Pick one which has no record of complaints, a treadmill in which the complaint was resolved towards the consumer's satisfaction. Remember that a brand new contractor a treadmill that transformed his legal title to dodge complaints might not have any record of complaints using the BBB, so you should follow many of these steps.
  • Call contractors that pass the BBB make sure get bids. Make sure to provide the job particulars exactly the same way with every contractor which means you will not be evaluating "apples and oranges". Get a listing of references, that's lately completed jobs the contractor has been doing that act like yours.
  • Choose the very best bid. The very best bid isn't necessarily the cheapest, as the standard of materials may vary. Examine the plans carefully.
  • Call the references distributed by the contractor you selected. Observe how satisfied the clients were using the job. If there have been complaints concerning the job, or even the contractor was not able to provide any references, think about the "the second bestInch bid rather.
  • Verify the contractor you select is licensed.
  • Browse the contract carefully. Make certain the contractor has insurance which his employees are handled by workman's compensation. Request questions regarding whatever you do not understand, and do not be shy about requesting changes towards the contract. You're the customer.
  • Get yourself a liability of insurance certificate constructed inside your title. The insurance providers give these out regularly. Don't let yourself be timid to request for this. It's the only sure evidence of insurance regardless of what is written around the truck!
  • Make certain the contractor acquires any necessary building permits. If he/she'll be digging, make certain he/she inspections subterranean utilities.
  • When you are pleased with anything, sign it and provide the contractor his deposit by check. If you choose to provide a cash deposit, make sure to obtain a receipt.

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Cheeeeese Tray/ Storage

FxBallery has created a multifunctional cheese container that also serves as a cutting board, serving tray and chalkboard sign.

Cheeeeese helps create an event around the presentation and tasting of its contents. Says Ballery, "When you open the formal object - contemporary, geometric and graphic - we discover something more complex than a cheese tray. We are surprised, as is often the case with the taste of a new cheese. Cheeeeese is like a game board; we assemble, we sort, match, and stack."
Photo: Erwan Fichou.
Source: http://mocoloco.com/archives/026360.php

Use Pattern Modern Fabric Sofas with Trendy Color Design for your Home Improvement

A lot of people use contemporary furniture to brighten their family room. These furniture can provide your family room a contemporary look in addition to add comfort for your existence. Furthermore, you have a diverse range of furniture from which you'll choose.

Nowadays in this day you will find now various sorts of sofa available and certain sofa designs have become in recognition departing individuals sofas constructed of material within the shade. But, it mustn't be forgotten simply how much a cloth sofa may benefit your family room with techniques that not one other sofa can. You will find several benefits a cloth sofa can provide and detailed below are only a couple of good examples of the items it may bring to your house.

Here comes the primary factor, the colour selection. Consume to thought on your surroundings, example selects one that may fully trust the colour of the walls along with other decorative add-ons around your house. Avoid selecting light color materials in case your sofas are often use around children and pets to ensure that it can save you yourself the problem of cleaning next. Yet another essential aspect is avoid selecting trendy colors and designs unless of course you're a individual who wants it greatly, it is because is the fact that trendy colors and designs has a tendency to change often because of the ever altering existence type of our generation.

In selecting your modern sofa, keep in mind that present day design is all about global influences and also the mixing and matching of materials. You might prefer to think about a sofa that mixes a leather and fabric upholstery design. When you purchase all leather or all fabric you'll be able to be as creative as you desire with color add-ons. Choose throw cushions and throw area rugs to fit your window dressing. Add flowers your coffee table to complement the colour of the cushions.

You will find a variety of versions of material sofas as in addition to the standard two and three seaters available, but when you've got a large family and want lots of available seating space, corner sofas will also be produced in fabric. One factor you ought to be assured of when purchasing sofas is they can last you a large amount of time. Using the correct maintenance they ought to continue searching good well in to the future along with the correct amount of quality craftsmanship, the likelihood of it breaking or no more supplying you using the give you support need ought to be lessened greatly.

Explore a great deal of modern fabric sofas, contemporary sofa set, furniture sofa, Italian designer fabric sofas, modern fabric sofas, contemporary fabric sofa from designers will certainly provide a new meaning for your concept of modern designer seating.

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Taffy Tables

Taffy Tables by Luca Nichetto
Via @muuuz, a series of low tables which with a moiré pattern printed on the table top. "Taffy is the English translation of the French term moiré, which denotes a unique graphic effect generated through the interference created by the superimposition of two groups of lines, sometimes curved, sometimes not."


"The moiré effect is the beating heart of the Taffy collection of tables, which take on a life of their own when they are combined and made to engage synergetically with one another, thereby generating a dynamic effect much like the one characterizing the graphic pattern that inspired them." More at Luca Nichetto.

Select Aico Furniture for a Stylish Home Improvement

Selecting furniture is greatly like selecting the clothes you put on every single day. You put on clothes not just to cause you to use style and hang you off being an individual however, you also pay particular focus on quality and luxury. Exactly the same factors should be adopted if you buy bits of furniture for your house.

Much like your clothes, the furniture you purchase on your own must match your taste and requires. They have to be also stylish, comfortable to make use of, made of top quality and sturdy. It is a large bonus if such a bit of furniture comes cheap.

This suggestion for home owners originates from Amini Innovation Corp. (AICO), makers of an array of furniture. Based on AICO, a bit of furniture is a great buy with respect to the material, design featuring.

AICO furniture falls under these primary groups: bed room, dining area, family room, kitchen, home theatre, office and home furniture. For all these products, there's several furniture designed based on individual needs.

In the consumer guide, AICO indicates that before you decide to set to buy a piece of content of furniture, you need to first figure out what best suits to your requirements. Every bit of furniture has distinguishing features, which say whether it's value for money for you personally or otherwise.

When furnishing your family room, for instance, a properly-made sofa that catches your skills within the furniture store might be ideal if you are using your family room mostly for receiving visitors. But a settee acquired for your purpose in your mind is a bad idea in case your family room doubles as living room.

Whether it's a workplace you have to furnish, you're well-advised to check on a workplace chair if it is backrests, chair and armrests are adjustable. You need to have the ability to adjust the chair height and tilt of the office chair for your own preferences, and ideally the chair ought to be comfortable enough to aid you easily, while letting the body breathe. The most crucial feature to search for is nice lumbar support, being an office chair with a decent lumbar support allows your back remain in a situation that's great for its spine health.

Exactly the same advice may be worth thinking about in purchasing a mattress. We select a mattress that feels and looks comfortable therefore we may have a good night's sleep onto it. But AICO suggests a mattress that goes past function to help you sleep in comfort as well as in style. AICO beds can be found in most styles, dimensions and levels. Apply for an easy uncluttered look or perhaps a lavishly designed mattress.

Avant garde and elegance would be the words to explain the posh furniture within the AICO platinum collection. For individuals who would like the flavour and feel from the " old world " and ancient royalty, you will find the furniture within the Chatteau, Windsow Court, Vizcaya, Excelsior, Venetian II, Eden, Velagio, Trevi, Tuscano, Sovereign, Lavelle Truffle, Oppulente, Palais Royale, Monte Carlo II, Portrait Vue and Sedgewicke collections.

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The Beautiful and Durable Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany, an exotic type of hardwood, is really a durable hardwood accustomed to make fine furniture. This wood is substantially noted for its beautiful grain, red-brown color, and-quality for craft. Additionally, it responds well to hands or machine tool which will make the craftsmen or wood artisan easy to utilize.

Essentially, mahogany wood is okay material labored as furniture, deck, and acoustic guitar, for example drums or guitar. Beside that, it's built as patio decking or rail road material. And today, this hardwood searched for by people as indoor or out door furniture to fill at any living area.

The indoor and outdoor Mahogany Furniture

In those days, mahogany furniture is often produced in classic traditional style, however these pieces can complement any designing style. Nowadays, mahogany suits with modern contemporary type of furniture. Adding a couple of mahogany accent pieces in the living area can create another great thing about elegance and class atmosphere.

Furniture like, chairs, tables, cabinets along with other home furnishings crafted with mahogany can last a long time and should be thought about a good investment. Consider the huge exploitation for any century or even more, natural jungle of mahogany is lowering. In South Usa, or Asia, it's replaced using the harvest plantation of mahogany to help keep the provision of wood as furniture.

Later, many producers made the decision to alter their solid mahogany furniture to market into particleboard or veneers. You will find a lot of reasons that most of them did that move. The first is for upkeep of natural and plantation of mahogany to be able to obviously upkeep and also the good human kind.

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A House in Japan

Via @dezainnet & Solo Houses, a house for a young couple in Tokyo built like a stack of boxes on multiple levels. "In one way the house is like a single space, but each room is also a tiny space of its own. The clients said they wanted to live like nomads within the house - they didn't have specific plans for each room." More at Japan Architect.


Dining Room Lust

I want a new table for our dining room, but unless that money tree decides to finally grow in the backyard, I'll just continue to settle for what we've got.  And what we've got looks tiny and sad.

BIG room, tiny table

One thing I do love in the dining room is this:
Jon had this little gem laying around the house.  I just love the colors of it against the blue walls.  

Since my money tree isn't growing, here are a few dining room tables I'm dreaming of:

I'm in love with big, round tables and I love the hardwoods in this photo.

I'm obsessed with this entire dining room...
...and the bar that goes along with it...
...and the artwork on the wall
All three photos via

Did I mention that I'm in love with round tables? Because I am in love with round tables.   Maybe one day, but until then, I'll just keep dreaming...

Stylish Custom Made Furniture for your Home Improvement Project

A perfect furniture you would like isn't available anywhere, whether you try to look for it available or online. The impossible-to-find furniture faces a frightening matter for homeowner. S/he most likely requires new or perfect style of furniture to become connected to the existing one.

There's a evening stand that's not inside your bed room at this time. And you're simply trying to fit your mattress using the right evening stand it local furniture store. However it feels as though you do not satisfy using the furniture you've selected there. Well, think it's the optimum time to create your furniture produced by custom. But will it no more than one furniture combine using the other one?

Nowadays, people wish to have their house is exclusive meaning different style and look in comparison to nearby neighbor or extended families. This is not merely a evening are in position to be complement the woking platform mattress, however it does in addition to that. A brand new house could be built totally by customized of the house owner. It may be in the architecture design, home interior including furniture, home appliance to wall paper.

Because you obtain that type of problem you may visit an architect or especially furniture designer. Without having any background of design, he may help to translate your personal idea of home and interior planning.

Design is really a creative procedure for making an imaginary or vision of furniture in the future true as reality. That's how you get to select sensibly to get the very best one that will help you. As well as the communication you've build using the furniture designer influence the ultimate result. Also keep in mind it can save you some cash if one makes it custom. Ultimately, possess a nice duration of making your house furniture customized.

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CTBUH 2011 Competition Results: Why Tall?

1st prize
2nd prize
3rd pr

Images courtesy of CTBUH

The First Annual CTBUH International Student Design Competition picked up on the 2011 CTBUH Seoul Conference themes, seeking to find innovative ideas to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society from the themes of green, safety, and humanity.

The Competition saw over 200 submissions from all over the world. In total, teams participated from 49 different countries. 32 Finalists were selected through a first-round judging process.  The six member second-round jury, led by Mr. Pedersen, reviewed the exhibition and scored the panels individually based on four areas: Creative Approach, Response to Site, Sustainability, and Functionality. Winners and Honorable Mentions were then determined through discussion among the jurors.

1st Prize - Entry 370: "MultipliCITY"
2nd Prize - Entry 809: "Cloud Skyscraper"
3rd Prize - Entry 628: "Vertical Neighborhood"

Source: CTBUH

Kitchen Update

Here are some recent kitchen photos. We're finished painting and everything is back in it's place.  Thank goodness, we were sick of having a refrigerator in the middle of kitchen!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

My parents were kind enough to give us this table they were no longer using

The huge wall looked bare, so I made a chalkboard and framed it, then made a cork board to go with it.  I also cleaned off the front of the refrigerator a bit.  

We still need to tile the backsplash:

Here are our two options we like for the backsplash:
Option 1: From Lowe's

Option 2: From Home Depot

At first, I loved the Lowe's tile, but Jon liked the Home Depot option.  We bought a sample of each and held them up between the cabinets and the Home Depot tile looked better.  So, Option 2 won.  Now, we're waiting to see if it goes on sale a bit because we're those kind of people, the ones who love a good sale.

Smart Adidas shoes let you mimic your favorite athlete

A new “intelligent” soccer cleat from Adidas promises to allow you to compare your performance with the game’s greatest players.
The innovative shoes, which contain an embedded chip that records and analyzes a player’s performance, have already been worn by star footballer Lionel Messi. The technology allows the German sporting goods giant to show you what you did and how it compares to previous efforts, friends and world-class players.
(No word on how the shoes will help you get over the bout of depression you’ll face with that last one.)
The cleats are the product of two years of research and development, Adidas says, and are yet another attempt to gain a competitive edge over American rival Nike, which counts star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo among its stable of top-flight athletes, has a similar product in its Nike Plus platform and whose gains in the sport have been sizeable, at Adidas’ expense.
The smart shoe is a digitized version of the company’s f50 adizero, introduced in 2010 as the lightest cleat on the market, at just 165 grams. Now, it carries an eight-gram chip slipped beneath the sole that wirelessly transmits data, including maximum speed, distance covered.
The company is marketing them as the “football boot with a brain.”
The footwear runs on a modified version of Adidas’ miCoach platform, which was first introduced in 2006 for runners. Soccer, which involves 360-degree movement that’s more complicated than simple forward progress, represents the next step for the technology.
Unsurprisingly, the company says it’s investigating similar applications for basketball, tennis and American football in the first half of next year.
The shoes will go on sale in Europe, Asia and Latin America on Nov. 15 for 245 euros, or about $338. The U.S. receives them Dec. 1.

By Andrew Nusca
Source: http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/smart-takes/smart-adidas-shoes-let-you-mimic-your-favorite-athlete/20309?tag=content;roto-fd-feature
and:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-09/adidas-s-338-soccer-boots-offer-messi-s-secrets-to-fend-off-nike-retail.html

How to Find a Collection of Affordable Modern Furniture?

Buying of products all over the world is definitely according to economic concepts. Expend money less than they might and obtain the outcomes whenever possible. The price is something you have spent to obtain something. Like other things, finishing your house with wood furniture requires a much budget. You may question in your thoughts. How could we obtain the current wood furniture inside a low quality?

Here are a few trick and ideas to expense your financial allowance on home furniture:
  • Compare. Don't just shipping in one location. Visit a lot more than two stores to check the cost. Searching by internet is essential or else you may go to the store near your home.
  • Auctions. Provide a great chance to locate and get quality furniture in a budget-friendly and cheap cost. House foreclosures, bankruptcy's, estate sales, and fire sales offer a good amount of once costly furniture in a reduced cost, especially if you possess the cash. The very first factor that you need to do is discover the auction. Begin with a newspaper or computer for your search.
  • Junk Purchase. Following a season pass sales promotion for example sales Christmas holiday, stores will often have a regular of products remaining. When enough amount, the products is going to be offered at reduced prices which may be 10% - 50% for the way much the quantity of goods within the warehouse.
  • Goods "slow moving". Stores will often have the run heaps within the warehouse, originates from the relaxation from the goods bought a lot of, not people choice, etc. When heaps still in three-monthly, for instance, might purchase 10% - 20%. And when you've got a year more heaps in the warehouse, the products is going to be discount bigger, reaching 50% or even more.
  • Defective or broken goods. Don't let yourself be underestimate first, disability or damaged here does not imply that the problem is severe low. Usually merely a couple of abrasions, scratches, stain wrong, dimensions are not shaped, and so forth. It's offered cheaper since they're not available standard.
  • Yard sale. Yard sale is undesirable products in the household using the home proprietors performing the purchase. The products are occasionally new, like-new, or simply functional, offered available since the owner doesn't want or require the item, to reduce their possessions, in order to raise funds. You're going to get second hands goods and when you excellent in negotiating you're going to get a great stuff in low quality.
The methods pointed out above hopefully give wider consideration for reasonable furniture hunter. Purchasing new furniture within the exact time will help you save fund. Alternatively hands, buy second hands furniture you have to opt precisely and able to repair. Attempt to combine your indoor furniture and make your living space through the harmony of wood furniture in a variety of styles.

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