Kitchen Update

Here are some recent kitchen photos. We're finished painting and everything is back in it's place.  Thank goodness, we were sick of having a refrigerator in the middle of kitchen!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

My parents were kind enough to give us this table they were no longer using

The huge wall looked bare, so I made a chalkboard and framed it, then made a cork board to go with it.  I also cleaned off the front of the refrigerator a bit.  

We still need to tile the backsplash:

Here are our two options we like for the backsplash:
Option 1: From Lowe's

Option 2: From Home Depot

At first, I loved the Lowe's tile, but Jon liked the Home Depot option.  We bought a sample of each and held them up between the cabinets and the Home Depot tile looked better.  So, Option 2 won.  Now, we're waiting to see if it goes on sale a bit because we're those kind of people, the ones who love a good sale.


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