No Internet and Behr review

I know, I've been a slacker and haven't posted anything in a few days.  We switched internet service providers at home, but didn't have an overlap between the service we cancelled with our old provider and turning on the service with our new provider, so we went 5 days without the internet.  And we survived! I'm kidding, it wasn't hard at all to survive without the internet for just 5 days.  But it did remind me of the South Park episode when the internet went out across the world. Any South Park fans remember that one?

House update: the kitchen is painted! It took FOUR coats of red before it was finished.  Ridiculous, right?  I do not recommend using Behr's 2-in-1 paint and primer.  We tried to get the color matched at Sherwin-Williams, but it looked too brown, so we went to Home Depot to get the Behr version of the paint.  Of course, it was only available in the 2-in-1 option.  We didn't think it would be that bad.  We were wrong.  Just avoid it!

I still need to take a little brush and go around the ceiling touching up, but we're done with painting until next year. I'm sick of painting, Jon's sick of painting and I now need to focus on decorating the rooms that have been painted.  The upstairs part of the house can just wait until 2012 for some color! 


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