Martha Stewart's Tissue Pom-Poms

Martha Stewart's tissue pom-poms are one of the easiest DIY decorations to make.  We made a few for a pot luck at work to celebrate Elizabeth's upcoming wedding.  I also made buffalo chicken dip for everyone to enjoy!

To make Martha's poms, grab some tissue paper and string or thread.  The bigger your tissue paper, the bigger the pom-pom. Very scientific, right?

First, take the tissue paper and fold 1 inch sections, accordion style.  Katelyn, a work colleague, helped me out and asked a great question as we were folding these - hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger! And if you don't get this reference, did you attend elementary school? Kidding! It simply means fold the shorter side instead of the longer.

After folding the paper, it should look something like this:

Tie string or thread around the middle of the paper.  If you want your poms to have a round or pointy end, cut the edges of your tissue paper into the desired shape. Then slowly begin to pull the pieces of tissue paper away from each other.  I did not get a photo of this, but check out Martha's post for photos and step by step instructions.

After all of the pieces of paper are apart, fluff a bit and they are ready to go! One of my favorite work friends, Jen, happily modeled my final results:

Pom-pom or giant corsage? 

We hung the pom-poms up in one of the meeting rooms at work before we surprised Elizabeth with a delicious lunch.

Of course I forgot to snap a picture of our spread, but I did snap one of what was left.  Not much at all!

Also, if these photos have you intrigued about our space at work, check out McKinney to see a few pictures of our amazing office.


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