2012 Resolutions

I'm not a fan of New Years Resolutions - more a fan of make a resolution any time you decide you need to set a new goal/life plan/idea/etc.  Jon and I actually did make a resolution for the new year, but not because it was a new year.  It just so happened to be two days before the new year that we were discussing our future and our future plans.  By the time we discussed everything, wrote it all down, and crunch some numbers, it was a new year! If we'd had this conversation in September, it would have been our 4th quarter resolution.

I won't share too much about our resolution because it's all financial and this is not a personal finance blog.  However, we are starting to budget our money and trying to stick to that budget, adjusting it as needed month over month.  January is our first month - wish us luck! Part of budgeting is limiting how much we eat out - so you'll probably see a few more recipes up on the blog!

As for my personal resolutions (or goals as I like to call them) - I hope to keep finding time to fit the gym into my schedule.  I'm lucky that I can fit in a workout most days at lunch or right after work, so I'll keep aiming to work out 4-5 times a week.  It makes me a happy, less tired girl.  Also, its amazing for my skin. I have this gorgeous glow after I work out (yeah, I know it's partly from sweat) and seriously, my skin has never looked better (most of the time).  Not to mention, its a great stress reliever.

And I need to drink more water.  And floss at least once a day.

Yep, I have some of the lamest resolutions out there.  What are your resolutions? Or are you a hater like me?


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