Nail Polish Love

Jon's sister-in-law bought me one of the best gifts for any nail polish lover, three mini sets of different Essie nail polish collections.  I'm obsessed with trying out every color.  If I was in the 5th grade again, I'd paint each nail a different color, but I'm 26 now and don't think that would be a great look for me at this age.

I've recently been hearing lots of great reviews for Essie's No Chips Ahead, so I thought it would be the perfect gift for a dirty Santa gift exchange.  And it was! I paired it with an adorable gray Essie nail polish (cannot remember the name of it now, go figure!) and it was stolen once.  I usually take it as a sign of a good gift if it gets stolen.

When I was picking up a bottle for the gift exchange, I should have grabbed an extra bottle for myself. I recently went back to Target to pick up a bottle and they were sold out.  I decided to try out Sally's Hansen's no chip acrylic top coat, thinking, "it can't be too bad." Ummmm, it sucked.  My nails were chipping not even 24 hours later.
Chipped nails, less than 24 hours later
Essie Color: Bobbing for Baubles

I decided to give it once last chance as I tried out a different nail polish color from my fabulous new set. So far, 24 hours later, only one little chip.  But I am trying to be more careful not to chip them, in a dainty, girly way.

No Chips:
Essie Color: Power Clutch

24 hours later:
A slight chip on the top fingernail

One day soon I'll find a nice little coupon for Ulta and go grab a bottle of Essie's No Chips Ahead and let you know if it's as great as it claims to be! 

And, for those of you worried I might quit my day job to become a hand model, you can cast those fears aside. It's quite obvious my hands are not made for modeling.  


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