The Perfect Snack

Right before I moved in with Jon, his microwave broke.  And so we lived without a microwave for almost a year.  Right before Christmas, we got a little old school microwave and set it up in our garage, so that our guests over the holidays could easily heat up whatever their little hearts desired.  Living without a microwave isn't hard, it just requires a little more thought and time when preparing food.  Anyways, the point of sharing this story is I had to learn a new way to make popcorn.

I grew up a microwave popcorn kind of girl. Jon grew up an air-popped popcorn kind of boy. Once our microwave died, I had to learn to become an air-popped popcorn kind of girl.  Turns out, it's super easy to make and tastes sooo much better than the microwaved stuff!  Just put a little oil in the bottom of a pot, turn the pot on a medium-low heat, throw the kernels in, and put the lid on.  

And voila - delicious popcorn! I put a little bit of butter and probably more salt than I need, but I justify that with the fact popcorn has hardly any calories by itself.

This was the perfect afternoon snack while I was working on my taxes. 

Also, I ordered Photoshop Elements 10.  If you have any Photoshop tips or tricks, pass them along! 


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