My Grandmother

You might have noticed I've been very absent from blogging, but March has been a hard month.  March began with the passing of my grandmother. My wonderful, sweet grandmother passed away at 94 on March 3rd.  And I've missed her every day since, but today was a particularly hard day.  I was driving into work this morning, almost to work, and started thinking about the last time I saw my grandmother alive.  And the tears started rolling.  I collected myself in the parking deck before heading into work, but couldn't stop thinking about my grandmother all day.  In every meeting, my mind would start to drift towards memories of her.

Lately, Jon and I have talk more and more about marriage, and I started thinking about how she wouldn't be at my wedding.  And she won't get to meet my future children, her great-grandchildren.  I'll never get to hear her tell me she loves me again.  And the most heartbreaking? I'll never get to hear her laugh again.

One of my favorite photos of me and my grandma, laughing, at her 93rd birthday party.


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