Color Harmony For Rooms - Pale Pink in Interior Design Gives Heavy Architecture a Delicate Elegance

There are certain hues that very often trigger totally opposite responses. One of these is a delicate, pale pink. Some perceive the color as soft and sensuous, others as weak and boring. In interior design, this hue is often only allowed to reside in the bedroom.

However, there are some architects and interior designers who realize the potential of this delicate hue. A good example of this in my home town, in the Alte-Pinakothek-Museum in Munich. It has a very long corridor-like flight of steps leading up to the next floor. The passage is very narrow, extremely high, totally out of proportion and windowless. If it had been painted in white, this long, arched passage would have been daunting to use. However, the architect responsible for the restoration of this old building cleverly had the passage painted with a very delicate, slightly grayed pink. Even the steps are made of marble in this hue. The result is most encouraging. You almost feel as though you are being carried up the steps. The color scheme has totally counteracted the oppressive feeling.

By using this delicate color, the architect understood how to make the heavy architecture look far lighter by applying an opposite form of energy. By the way, in a room where machines make considerable noise, a delicate shade of pink can help to give the impression that it is quieter than reality. This is actually a very Eastern way of designing: adding counteracting energies to create balance: yin with yang, heaviness with lightness, fluidity with solidity.

The tendency to give a color a one-sided attribute can prevent it being used to its advantage. Even a delicate color can look very powerful depending on the task, on contrasts and on the environment. When we dislike a color, we concentrate on its negative aspects. The color psychologist, Dr. Heinrich Frieling, notes that those who reject a pale pink do not want to appear sensitive or sentimental. However, those who appreciate this hue are often extremely intuitive and subtle in their perception. You can use a pale pink for your clothings too. Just as it softened the tough, sturdy architecture, it will remind you to soften up now and again when you are facing tough situations.


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