Alpine renewal: A sustainable building with socially orientated interior spaces

 Ben Comber, an architectural designer by profession, has designed a sustainable building that has been named An Alpine Renewal. This attention-grabbing building has been crafted in a way, which will invigorate the Mt. Cheeseman ski area.
An Alpine Renewal
An alpine renewal will let people absorb themselves completely in the club field culture, which is truly unique and an impressive picture of the alpine region. The design comprises cedar slates that make it possible for the exterior of the building to form a beautiful bond with the immediate environment. This connection is possible because the cedar slates have been fitted thoughtfully in a vertical as well as horizontal manner. The presence of active and passive systems makes the building quite energy efficient. The eco friendly design has been achieved by making good use of natural elements, which include earth, water, snow and sun.

An alpine renewal has been created in such a manner that it responds well to the alpine climate. The energy efficient construction is totally functional and will unfurl features that are worth praising. The roof of this building not only catches snow with the help of a shelving system, but also provides protection against westerly winds. The snow catchment features make sure that additional insulation is provided without much effort. Excavation has been reduced to great extent by modifying the form in such a way that it matches with the land. A series of steps rule the form, which in turn ensure that north glazing is increased.
The interior spaces have been made in an interesting manner and will endow users with the flexibility to arrange the furniture as per their requirement. This will give birth to a lively space that will be arranged by users as per their whims and fancies. The inside of the environmentally friendly building has been designed in a way that will promote interaction between groups from different social backgrounds. The living area will come wedged with a large bookcase that will be piled with a lot of books. These books will be donated by visitors and will help cultivate social connections in a healthy manner.
The building features a geothermal heat exchange that will provide additional heat, which will be regulated through underfloor systems on each floor. Solar heat during winters by the presence of a concrete floor on the lower floor that remains shaded in summer. Nutrient rich water is made available because of the presence of an environment septic tank system.
An alpine renewal is a great way to interact with nature while evoking learning at the same time. It will help create a floating sensation, which will mystify visitors as they form an eternal bind with the alpine vista.


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