Futuristic and eco savvy Basque Culinary Center

Onlookers will be fixed on spot when they lay their eyes on this truly wondrous structure. The horizontally running broad bands look like thickset slabs piled on top of each other. The gigantic size of these slabs will leave you mesmerized. Many feel that the thick bands look like dinner plates stashed one above the other. These bands look even more riveting once they are illuminated. The façade of the building made from graphic metal panels is quite striking.

basque culinary center

The statuesque building is located in the midst of lush greenery and hilly slopes. To merge with its green mountainous neighborhood, a number of slopes and plantations have been incorporated inside the building. The roof has an incline on which aromatic and edible herbs have been planted. Vegetated terraces have been constructed at different altitudes along the slopy gradations. The terraces are actually built on the horizontal bands running across the width of the structure.
As the terraces and verandas border the building from the outside, one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings from here. There is also a bridge connecting two sides of the building and it courses through the vegetated terraces adding to the beauty of the structure. The building has many open and airy spaces, a U-shaped plot has been chalked out inside which has benches along with grassy patches.
A joint effort between the Basque Culinary Center Foundation and Mondragon University, this building serves as the head office for the gastronomic science university. The center will be the hub of many different activities like training as well as research. Additionally, it will espouse knowledge sharing among prime technology centers, companies, public enterprises and educational institutes. The awesome center has been built by the Spanish firm, Vaumm Arkitektura.


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