God's Igloo: Eco friendly Church made entirely of ice

Have you ever thought how pure, the white occasion of Christmas would have been if everything were to be white as snow?! Well then, if you have not, come to the God’s Igloo, a huge Church built of nothing but snow at Mitterfirmiansreut. Its hugeness can be described by the fact that it is 65 feet tall and bags a record quantum of 49,000 cubic feet of snow. It is a total marvel that has attracted the attention of thousands of people around. And most remarkably, it has been named, quite appropriately, God’s Igloo.

A warm welcome at church made from ice!
A surprising revelation is in pipeline. This is not the first time that an ice church is being constructed. One of the similar sorts had also come into existence way back in 1911. The motive of the construction was to express protest against the lack of any church construction in the same region. The local residents had to tread a distance of 90 minutes on foot to reach the nearest church, every Sunday morning, for their masses.
This newer version of this marvel, however, does not mean to show any kind of revolution. The local people around just decided to remember their lost relatives and ancestors and pay homage to them. So rebuilding an already thought of and tested church structure would be the best idea to go for! Ask about the cost, it is a swirling €100,000. This antique beauty would be there for tourists to marvel at, till the springs this year. Summers are being feared to ruin the chilly beauty. But as far as you have taken a glance of it, you should be happy, because it would be a rare sight to see at many places on the earth.


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