Interior Designing That Makes Sense

For those looking for a fabulous job who might have an understanding of architectural elements, interior designing just might be the place to look. You can not only use your knowledge and understanding of architecture, but you can put your creative skills to good use. Those who go into the field of interior design are typically required to have a four year degree in interior design, but those in interior decorating usually only require certification. Interior design is more complex and involved than interior decorating, and many organizations might require their designers to get other certifications or accreditations beyond their degree.

Whether you are self-employed, employed at a large design firm, or employed at a tiny company, there are many opportunities in this field. Those working in interior design industry that are self-employed make up a little more than ¼ of all interior designers. You typically work under a tight schedule with deadlines and budgets to follow. You might also be required to travel to different clients or offices. This job typically pays pretty well with the median income of designers in 2006 being a little over $42,000. The earnings can vary widely, however, based on things like reputation, experience, and your employer.

Since shows like Trading Spaces have become so popular, there are now several other show on television highlighting interior design and interior decorating. Many people don't realize that they are different. Interior decorating typically involved quick renovations that are relatively easy and less involved with the structure of the space. Designers do much more than that. They take the entire building into consideration and design the entire space with a style or theme. They not only change the paint, but they might build something else into the room so you get the best possible way to utilize that space. Everything is taken into account so you as the customer get exactly what you want.

Technology has dramatically altered the way designers work. Much of the traveling has been eliminated by the use of computers and virtual makeovers. Those working on the interior design of the space can now send their clients the e-mail of their project so they can see exactly what the space will look like when the project is completed. There is no more guesswork involved. The client simply looks at the computer model and works with the designer to change whatever they want before anything is even started. This is truly a useful tool that satisfies both the designer and the customer.


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