Naver App Square

 Here is a wonderful way Naver is promoting its new image search app for smartphones and tablets. A stock container, dubbed Naver App Square, has been built up using sheets of corrugated cardboard. The South Korean architecture and design firm Urbantainer has constructed this container kiosk with all its interior furniture and accessories made of cardboard.
Naver App Square

The cardboard kiosk is simply meant to promote the Naver image app. It has been designed to look like an enormous opened-up cardboard parcel. Its exterior is decorated with packaging and shipping graphics, which include a QR code label for visitors to scan. What makes the kiosk special is that its interior is completely built up with the same cardboard stuffs.
The kiosk features separate areas for many popular Naver search categories such as wine and music. The entire purpose with the container is to promote the brand, which is an image search app for your iPhone and other phones. Visitors of the kiosk will get a unique experience with the services the Naver image search app provides. So it will be an exalted experience for you to visit the Naver App Square.
Naver is a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android products. It is meant to help you search for full-size images on the go. You can search and also bookmark up to 100 images to view later on the app. You also have the option to download images to your handset. Indeed, real visualization of the app inside the cardboard kiosk will encourage many to install the app right away.


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