The Breathing Office by Creative Studio 'breathes' to save energy

People are migrating from rural regions to urban areas for the availability of various needs like jobs, transport, luxury etc. This migration along with population growth is also increasing the use of air-conditioners in offices and homes, which automatically increases energy demand and hence emissions resulting from the same. In order to provide a better solution for this issue, Creative Inc., the Indonesia based design studio has proposed a green concept. Titled as 'The Breathing Office', this concept describes an architectural design of an office, which utilizes natural air effectively to provide the required ventilation and to maintain an optimum temperature inside.

The Breathing Office
The architects of Creative Inc. studio have been inspired by nature to design this concept. Right from the trees to human beings, we live by breathing- inhaling the pure air and exhaling the impure air. The Indonesian architects decided to incorporate this concept into an office building. They came up with a creative design that lets natural air to flow in and exit through a wide opening in the corner of the building. The rendered 3D model of their conceptual building allowed the architects to express their vision.
As mentioned earlier, the Breathing Office has a wide opening- it allows the flow of pure air from the surroundings into the office and also makes way for the impure air to exit back to the atmosphere. The passage for letting air inside is designed to allow optimum quantity of air and sweep inside with ease. To be literal, the design of this opening has to do a lot with the building's aerodynamics.
The architects have proposed the use of perforated materials for the construction of this building, which gives them various advantages like lightweight, high strength, durability and appearance as well. They have suggested to grow vines near the building that purify the surrounding air. Also, they have mentioned that the use of precast concrete and exposed materials will provide an easy installation process with reduced costs. This green concept not only provides fresh air, but also motivates the employees by taking them closer to nature.


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