TOPOS: A green and sustainable forum for collaborative social development

 As part of a project, Andrew Emmet has designed a plan for a radically sustainable social forum while keeping the environmentally friendly approach in view. The proposal includes the construction of TOPOS, which is a forum that serves as a private studio, an event park and a co-working office area. Planned to be constructed in Montecito Heights, Los Angeles, TOPOS reflects to be a blend of traditional construction practices and contemporary ecological and aesthetic aspects. This building is designed to programmatically act as a steward to the local ecosystem. It saves its surrounding by strictly remaining dependent on the site-specific materials for its construction.

TOPOS A Sustainable Social Forum
This social forum hosts events to cover the administrative and maintenance costs for free public workspace. It also earns from the running of private studios. Thus, it is a self-reinforcing system that is anti-corporate and democratically supports economic opportunities while allowing people to flourish in their diversifying careers. This kind of a system is designed to support collaborative entrepreneurial efforts. TOPOS forum together nourishes both the social and the climatic context. Entirely made of native grass straws, the forum building connects to the community on one side and to the Arroyo Seco and Pasadena highway on the other.
The building's roof is made of dry vegetation, and its voids and curves help deal with the high wind pressure, as well as the exceeding flow of water. There are columns created in the building's interiors that look engrossed in the wooden surrounding. These columns are shaped to reflect an interlocked geometrical design. TOPOS building carries a unique and innovative style. This whole project holds future possibilities of a large-scale sustainable design. This is a green attempt at creating a forum for people who wish to collaborate on their special work efforts and thus grow together.


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