Water, New Fuel for Your Mobile Battery

"Wouldn’t it be cool if you could recharge your Android phone with water? Powertrekk by myFC is a new fuel cell charger that does just that. This innovate charging system uses Powerpukks that contain sodium silicide which produce hydrogen gas when combined with any kind of water.

“PowerTrekk Water Charger gives your mobile phone power anywhere at any time,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO at myFC. “From now on, you do not have to rely on having an electricity grid nearby.”

The Powertrekk charging system was first introduced last year at Mobile World Congress, but it should be available soon at retailers across the US, as myFC will showcase the product at CES next week.


Overseas, the Powertrekk charging system has a suggested retail price of €199 and the Powerpukks go for €1.99 apiece. That means you can recharge your smartphone for less than the cost of a 4-pack of AA batteries.

The Powertrekk system might not be for everyone with its bulky size, but it should appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and people who spend time away from the electricity grid. Check out the teaser video below and then come back next week for some hands on time."


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