Zagreb international airport

 With the increasing environmental awareness, architects from across the globe are coming up with innovative ways to utilize the natural resources in every possible way and save the planet. The Zagreb international airport is one such eco friendly project which aims at green living. It is one of the various types of creative and sustainable architectural buildings and landscapes. Under this project, several tiny campuses will be combined to form a single campus known as the new airport city. The new airport city will be surrounded by forests, fountains and stone-paved plazas. The breathtaking landscape will provide an amazing work environment around the buildings in the campus. There will be a systematic integration that will be put in place in the airport. It will ensure that there is zero motor-vehicle traffic in the campus ground-plane. In other words, the vehicular movement will be kept separate and will not disturb the functioning of the airport activities.
Zagreb international airport

Also, the dependence on additional filtering and mechanical air exchange will be reduced as there are winter gardens and green walls inside the campus. They will condition the interior air, thus saving plenty of energy consumption. The buildings have a triple layer tensile roof, which serves multiple functions. The concrete arches support the thick membranes of the roof. They are thermally activated to both heat and cool the terminal building. There are numerous other measures that make this building sustainable.
One of the major factors that make this project environmentally friendly is the skin of the building which is designed in such a way that it allows maximum sunlight, thereby reducing energy consumption. It is an excellent effort and way to use the solar power in every possible way for the benefit of nature and human beings. It also blocks the sound of the airplanes. A tri-generation plant has been implemented for the purpose of providing electricity, heat and cool. There is a system installed to exchange energy within the buildings of the airport city. Also, the stormwater remediation and a gray water system make this project even more Eco-friendly.


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