Housepaint Colors 2012

Deciding on the best colors to paint our house, sometimes require adequate time. There is something to consider for top paint colors for the house. Painting the property is not as difficult as selecting the right color to color. It would be a challenging task to pick one that most closely fits the dimensions and design your house. One example is, folks who suffer drab monotony add design, while very bright color could make the property look too flashy. Next the sized the property and design a fantastic consideration in choosing paint colors.

Also a thing to remember before you decide the top color to color our home should be to decide large scheme and decorations for your door. Moreover, make sure you explore all choices before proceeding. Here are some tricks to paint the house colour of your inspiration.

Bedroom Furniture Idea

There is something that must definitely be looked at in the design great for the sack, plus accordance using the space you might have. Huge furnishings just isn't necessarily web-sites a beautiful bedroom. More to the point, the bedroom must be in accordance with the character of the company's inhabitants, we must be capable of occupy a bedroom. a great number of possibilities, like the nuances of contemporary, classic design, contemporary and special children. These picture is usually yours for attention.

The photo above shows an array of deluxe and modern. With spacious rooms and designed with wooden furniture with traditional colors axactly, it will be a great choice available for you. However , you choose wooden furniture to brighten any room, you should work more to keep your furniture to avert being attacked by insects which damage the best thing about the furnishings.

These images of other people who could be the opportunity to design your bedroom:

Minimalist Design - Modern Bedroom Interior decoration Ideas

Today we send a communication to Modern, minimalist bedroom design, bedroom design that seem to be generally is a combination of simple furniture and those using this world artistically designed Pieces.In modern, the bed is often a modern style room is frequently side.In when the platform new combination of Beds. design.s rooms Just like you liked this room design ideas, and provide you with injoy this House and House Design Ideas ..

Searching For An Interior Design Job

Use your interior design education to get that interior design job that you covet. If you have ever looked at a room or living space and felt that, you could make it more livable and attractive then maybe interior design is for you.

If you have a flair for creativity and are not afraid to express your ideas then an interior design job is just what you need. However, you cannot just go get a design job. You need the proper educational background to get your foot in the door of the industry. Once you have the interior design degree or diploma then you will be taken more seriously.

There are many top design schools in North America. Not only that but there are many online interior design schools as well. Design schools will help you unleash your creativity and show you how to use color, style, fabrics, accessories, lighting, paint and furnishings that reflect your personality and the personality of your clients.

If you are not specifically looking for an interior design job but would rather start your own Interior Design company, you are still going to need a proper education in Interior Design. An education will provide you with skills and confidence that you will need in pursuing your career in the exciting and challenging world of Interior Design.

Enrolling in an Interior Design program really has no prerequisites except basic artistic and creative ability. If you feel that attending school is just out of the question due to family or work commitments consider taking an online interior design program that lets you interact with instructors and other students on your own time. It is a great way to further your education to get that dream interior design job.

There is more to interior design than just decorating a room, which is essentially interior decorating. Interior Design is more of a process of drawing on the environment, architecture and product design. Interior decorating is more along the lines of simply decorating a living space. Interior Designers are professionally trained in the art of Interior Design.

To get that dream interior design job it also helps immensely if you have contacts in the field. If you are just starting out, consider volunteering at a large design firm to get valuable experience and a chance to make some contacts in the interior design industry.

When you are searching for your interior design job, do you have an idea or preference as to what area of design you would like to get into? Would you prefer residential or commercial? It is thought that commercial is a more lucrative area of interior design. Alternatively, would a more specialized area of design like healthcare or restaurant design be more interesting for you?

With the increase in the aging of the population, there is a need for more care and living spaces for the elderly. This could be an area of rapid growth for the interior designer, thus keep this in mind when searching for your interior design job.

To get started on your interior design career, enroll in an accredited Interior Design school today. Once you've graduated you are well on your way to your dream interior design job.

Interior Design Considerations For Improving Office Productivity

Companies often look for ways in which they can assist employees do their jobs better to increase productivity and therefore the bottom line. However, one area which isn't explored enough by businesses is the space in which the work is carried out - the architecture, furniture and interior design of an office can have a profound effect on the people working within it.

One such example is the offices of Interpolis, a large insurance company, in Tilburg, Holland. By redesigning the 7000 square metre space, productivity increased by 20 per cent and sick leave was reduced from nine per cent to just two and a half.

Although the cost of employing an interior design company is not as great as many may think, it is beyond some companies' reach, especially to completely redesign such a large space like Interpolis' offices. Therefore, a leading European design house has here detailed two specific areas to consider when redecorating or remodelling your company's work space.

Consider the activities that are undertaken - by primarily focusing on the jobs that the work force do you may find that it's not necessary for an employee to sit at the same desk all day, every day. Offering an environment that is the most suitable for specific tasks helps to make the worker be more comfortable and will often enable them to do that job quicker and to a high standard. For example, sometimes colleagues work together on tasks, so is a set desk layout conducive to this type of collaborative work? Brainstorming sessions or meetings could be carried out in a space that is more relaxed, resulting in higher creativity levels, whilst for activities that require a lot of concentration could be better undertaken in an explicitly quiet zone.

Consider the psychology of colour - because colour travels in waves from the sun and the energy from light is absorbed through the eyes it stimulates certain glands, which in turn control some of the body's systems. Therefore, the colour of an environment can affect mood and impact on the ability to undertake a task. Bright oranges, reds and pinks are stimulating colours that can increase ones heart rate so these would not be good colours to use if the task in hand requires calmness. Whilst yellow is a warm colour, it is strenuous to the eye due the light it reflects and can create frustration; it may not be the right colour for a collaborative space or one that employees would use for prolonged periods. Blue is often used in offices because it is serene and research has shown that people are more productive in rooms decorated in blue. Pink is calming for during initial exposure and greens can be stress relieving.

World's Most Beautiful Buildings

 Sagrada Família, Barcelona
 Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan
Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai, Thailand
 Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum, The Netherlands
The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
New Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Oslo, Norway
 The Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain
 Great Mosque, Djenne, Mali
 Mont St. Michel, Normandy, France
 Catherine Palace, Outside St. Petersburg, Russia
Nelson-Atkins Museum’s Bloch Building, Kansas City, MO
 Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary
 The Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany
 Christian Dior Store, Omotesando, Tokyo

Google's New Offices In London

PENSON’s giddy design looks like a film place, but beneath the glamour, it’s a place of work. Google’s newest office looks like a space station with foosball tables designed by PENSON. Google Engineering’s new London offices are a frivolous exercise in science creative writing set beautification, sated with flat white surfaces and daring rock-solid colors.

I’ll confess that as I paged through the hype descriptions, it was a tiny firm to take them critically. But this is an actual working room, and behind the glamour there is cautiously measured affordance for Google’s working technique
For example, different Kubrick’s everlastingly naked white corridors; PENSON intends that Google’s walls should be used. They are surfaced with attractive whiteboard fabric.
This allows engineers to draft out solutions to harms, pin up working material, or mission presentations as desired. All of the desks are height adjustable, and much of the floor space is given over to relaxed gathering seats so that ad hoc teams and deliberations can form as desired.
Assuming that the day to day circumstances are as useful as PENSON says, the thought of caption into a dream spaceship surroundings for work puts a large grin on my features. Maybe they can pipe in this loop of the Enterprise’s engines idling to full the fascination.


Dear self -

This is a reminder that you hate bangs.  More than you hate bangs, you hate waiting for your bangs to grow out.  Please keep this in mind next time you look at a picture of Heidi Klum or any other celebrity with side bangs and think, "oh, that looks fun" because it's not fun for your future self, ok?

 Does this look fun? 

Nope, that looks like the face of a girl who is over her bangs and has no idea how to take a self picture.  

(PS - this is my 50th post.  And it's about bangs.  Sorry, friends.)

Honeymoon: St. Thomas

As I mentioned, we had to honeymoon in a US territory based on my lack of a passport.  Yes, that did leave the entire US as an option, but we wanted to go somewhere that we would:
1. Probably not visit often
2. Was not in driving distance.  (Driving distance to us is 8 - 14 hours)
3. Had a beach.  Preferably a beach with white sand and clear blue water.

With that criteria, we pretty much settled on the US Virgin Islands as our option(s), but we still had three islands to choose from! I crossed St. Croix off the list because from what I read, there wasn't much exciting there and none of the resorts really impressed me.  For a few days, we went back and forth between staying in St. Thomas and St. John. Finally, after reading reviews of all the resorts on both islands from Oyster (amazing site for hotel reviews), we decided to stay in St. Thomas at the Ritz-Carlton.

You're probably thinking, "Wait, those Hatches are cheap! They stayed at the Ritz?!" Yes, we did friends.  Our wedding cost $80.  We could splurge on a nice honeymoon.  And holy crap, it was nice.  At one point, I looked at Jon and said, "this is the life I was always meant to live.  The life of leisure."

 Anyways, enjoy a few pictures of our trip!

Our view from one of the restaurants. 

On the stairs in the hotel lobby, there were giant mirrors - perfect for a self taken photo opp! 

The hotel lobby was gorgeous and had this beautiful open area right in the middle of the building.

One morning, we walked to the resort next door for breakfast.  This was our view there.

View from our balcony.  I was bad and didn't take any pictures of our room! 

A view of the resort from our balcony.

The rest of the resort (another view from our room).

Happy newlyweds :) 

Jon decided he need a better view.

We took a day trip to St. John's and hiked to Honeymoon beach.  This was the view at the top of Cruz Bay.

View of St. Thomas from St. John

Honeymoon beach in St. John

We thought the beaches on St. John were nicer than St. Thomas, so if/when we ever go back, I think we will stay in St. John.  Overall, both islands were gorgeous with lots of delicious food and drinks.  I was actually a little bit sick before we left and one day, all I was craving was a yummy coke from a can.  It ended up being $5 for the can of coke, so Jon and I joked it was the best Coca-Cola of our lives.

Even though you do not have to have a passport as a US Citizen to visit the islands, you still have to go through US Customs on the way home.  Jon and I were asked why we were visiting the island, to which we replied to honeymoon.  Then we were asked why we got married.  I promptly said, "because we love each other" and the customs officer looked at Jon and said, "Do you love this woman?" Of course Jon said yes, but it was hilarious and we laughed about it the entire flight home.

But, now we are back to reality and day dreaming of our next vacation. (For which I will have a passport!)

Modern House for Architectural Inspiration

This modern house designed by architects Ong & Ong Pte in Singapore that meant to devote you a spatial experience which excites the senses by promoting light.

The architects tried to establish a relationship between subtle tones and the metallic elements inside the house by enfolding aluminum protecting in the air well.
The air well is divided into two sections of house and turned the best place for indoor/outdoor swimming pond.
The terrific part that you can open up the eye catching partitions of the house.  The first floor turned into a big living space, the ground floor becomes a lounge are and dining hall. It is an idealistic place to relax and sit poolside, a place to
sip lemon juice and imbiber in the rays.

The World's Most Beautiful Train Stations

St. Pancras International, London
This neo-Gothic red brick façade won raves when it was unveiled in 1868. And it’s in the news again. After a 20th-century decline, St. Pancras got a recent £800 million makeover. Workers cleaned 300,000 pounds of dirt from the bricks and restored 8,000 panes of glass in the roof of the immense train shed. As a result, the station looks its part as one of the finest Victorian landmarks in London.
The world’s most beautiful train stations were designed to make a big impression. Many were constructed during the late 19th century, a golden era when train travel was new, intriguing, and glamorous. Today, stations from every era continue to impress, attracting travelers who aren’t even catching a train.
CFM Railway Station, Maputo, Mozambique
Mint-green exteriors, a large dome, and wrought-iron latticework make the capital city of Maputo’s train station an unexpected, if modest, beauty. Reportedly designed by Gustave Eiffel in the early 20th century, the station showcases several historic steam locomotives. Modern-day trains bring passengers through here daily.
Sirkeci Station, Istanbul
Built in 1890 as the terminus for the Orient-Express journey from Paris, the façade of this Ottoman Art Nouveau building is particularly attractive. Swaths of red brick surround the wide entrance, and stained-glass windows provide colorful splashes of light inside. Although this entrance is no longer used, people still stop to admire the interior and catch occasional performances by whirling dervishes inside the grand entry hall.
Southern Cross Station, Melbourne
Previously called Spencer Street Station, the station got a new name in 2005 as part of an elaborate modernization project. The undulating roof, which stretches an entire city block, has been compared to a gigantic air-filled blanket floating on a forest of Y-shaped columns. The form is also the function here: fumes trapped in the domes high above the platforms escape naturally through holes cut into the top, making it a sort of breathing roof.
Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa, Japan
Many residents were initially dismayed by the city’s modern “entrance” when it was unveiled in 2005. The station’s wooden hand-drum-shaped Tsuzumi Gate and glass umbrella-shaped Motenashi Dome were controversial because they clashed with the traditional architecture of this old castle town—one of Japan’s best preserved as it was spared in WWII bombings. But the station has been so popular with tourists and photographers that many skeptics have come around to see the beauty in its sleek modern design.
Atocha Station, Madrid
With the opening of a new terminal in 1992, locals had the inspired idea to convert the original adjacent station into a concourse with a beautiful tropical garden of palm trees reaching toward the steel and glass roof in the center—as well as a nightclub and several cafés. The new station is accessed through the old terminal, where passengers can buy tickets and wait for their trains.
Union Station, Los Angeles
Father-son team John and Donald Parkinson contributed to this station’s design, blending the area’s Spanish Colonial heritage with then-contemporary Art Deco styles. The tall white bell tower of the station’s exterior is reminiscent of California’s missions while its main waiting room is sumptuously finished with a painted wood ceiling and multicolored marble inlays on the floor.
Antwerp Central Station, Belgium
When this palatial neo-Baroque station was completed in 1905, it was criticized for its extravagance (it is decorated in more than 20 types of marble and stone). But it’s proven tough to resist the station’s eclectic, opulent style and enormous arched dome. You may recognize the main hall of this station from a viral video from early 2009 of 200 people performing a choreographed dance to “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai
British architect F. W. Stevens worked with local craftsmen to blend Indian architectural traditions with the Victorian Gothic Revival style. Originally named for Queen Victoria, the Empress of India, the station has endured as a Mumbai landmark—and a vital resource for the three million commuters who use it daily. The turrets and elaborate ornamentation are similar to design elements found on Moghul and Hindu palaces across the subcontinent.
Gare du Nord, Paris
This station in the central 10th Arrondissement is one of the busiest and most picture-perfect in Europe. The façade is sculpted with 23 statues representing Amsterdam, Vienna, and other destinations served by the Chemin de Fer du Nord company. The interior is just as lovely, especially when the sun filters through the panels of the glass and cast-iron roof to the platforms below.

Choosing a Wedding Announcement

Choosing a wedding announcement was a top priority for me since this was the main way our close friends and family were finding out we got married.  There are a lot of sites that offer announcements and cards - WeddingPaperDivas, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Minted and more.  

I love Tiny Prints, but anything wedding related actually came from WeddingPaperDivas.  I like WeddingPaperDivas, but didn't find myself loving most of the announcement cards. In the end, I found a handful of announcements I loved from Minted.  I didn't care if our card had a picture on it, so I found a few adorable announcements that I bookmarked to share with Jon:

This one would have been funny to a few of our friends that affectionately refer to Jon as, "Captain Tyin' Knots"

I was so excited to show these cards to Jon, so one night after dinner, I pulled out my computer and let him browse through what I liked.  I didn't realize that Jon wanted something with a photo of us.  It wasn't negotiable to him.  I hadn't even picked out one photo card I liked.  I started looking for a few photo cards that weren't postcards.  Most of the cute ones I found were postcards, which we didn't want.  We wanted our friends and families to open the envelopes and be shocked.  I know a postcard could have done the same thing, but there's something fun about opening mail.  And it would protect our pretty picture from any smudges the USPS might have added.

It's really to hard to pick out a photo card without the photo, just in case you were curious.  So I decided on a few I thought I liked and waited til we got home from our wedding to start trying them out.  As soon as we got home and settled, I uploaded our pictures and started picking out the few I liked the best for a card.  After some quick editing to get rid of any unsightly blemishes, we had two or three pictures we really liked, but just needed a card to go with it.  In the end, after trying a few different ones, we settled on this one:

I kind of look naked.

When we got back from our honeymoon, there were two boxes waiting on the front step for me.  One with our announcements and another with our new return address label stamp.  Even though it was well after one am, I had to dig into the boxes and see what our announcement looked like! I loved it! I couldn't wait to start addressing some envelopes and sticking them in the mail! Of course, we did not tell our parents through the mail.  We told them in person and luckily, they weren't too upset and are still speaking to us!

After we sent out our announcements, we waited for reactions from friends and family.  For a few days in a row, every afternoon, our phones were ringing non-stop.  I think some of our friends and family were happier for us than we were! We're quite luckily to have such a great support system! 

Also, for anyone in the market for an address stamp, we went with one from Expressionery, The Wallace because they always have a nice little coupon code.  However, there are a lot of adorable ones on this site as well, Antiquaria Design Studio.  Check them out! 

Is an Interior Design Career Right For Me? - And Where Do I Start?

"How do I get into Interior Design?" There's no one-size-fits-all answer (thankfully!). Few careers require such a unique blend of artistic and technical skills, but Interior Design comes in enough flavors to suit diverse skill sets and personalities.

In General, the profession falls into two distinct categories: Interior Decorating and Interior Design. They are both completely viable avenues and there are many professionals with successful careers in each.

"Interior Decorating": If you prefer residential interiors, and enjoy focusing on furnishings and decor rather than space planning and codes, there are many satisfying and profitable options to explore and Interior Decorating may be your perfect fit. College is not Required, ( but you need to be aware of the laws regulating the practice of ID in your state). Some great options: Decorating for individual home owners, home staging, interior re-design, working within a design/decorating firm or on your own, working for or with builders preparing model homes, or apartment/condo/townhome leasing companies to name a few.

So how do I get there?? - As with anything, the key to your success will be your motivation and commitment! The more you are willing to put in the more you will achieve. The most straight forward way to start is to take classes at a university or community college, but if you aren't in a position to go to school right now, there are still some very practical steps you can take. The Hardest Part is Just Getting Started - SO......GET STARTED!!! There are many paths, but here's a suggested 6-step Action Plan to get you going:

  1. Self-Study - not an online degree (Avoid those completely for Interior Design), but rather to use the available free and low cost resources in a focused, disciplined, and intentional way in order to familiarize yourself with design concepts and to develop practical skills. These resources will not, of course, replace a university degree... but they will help you to explore real issues and topics which designers face on a daily basis (not the 'fluff' seen on TV and in magazines). Some of these skills can legitimately be included on a resume as you seek entry-level design jobs in order to set yourself apart. This is a great first step for those anxious to get started towards their dream, but who can't yet leave an existing job... or for an at-home parent to learn skills on your own schedule...Some examples of free study options are: learn 3d modeling and rendering with Google Sketch-up; learn AutoCad basics - get a starter book, even buy it used, then download a 30 day Acad trial; There are some well done free CEU opportunities aimed at Architects and Designers, but you don't have to be a professional to take them...
  2. Read - Read anything that catches your interest involving Design. This can be library books, grocery store magazines, websites, etc... Fluff is OK here; just absorb all you can about trends, opinions and beautiful design, just keep it in its place and don't let this consume all your time.
  3. Work with a purpose -Secure your first job in a design related area while continuing steps 1 and 2. This may be something you do just a few hours a week in addition to an existing job or while a spouse is home with the kids - be creative and be flexible! this is just a stepping stone!
  4. Build your Resume' and Portfolio
  5. Make your move
  6. Keep Learning!

"Interior Design": Does this sound more like you? Most of the designers and architects I've known are a unique blend of contradicting characteristics. Most have strong creative/artistic components (obviously), but usually also have a keen ability to solve problems and make order out of chaos in three dimensional space. We are usually less thoroughly 'rightbrain' than our artist friends, having varying (often high) degrees of affinity for numbers, science, and geometry. If this sounds familiar, Interior design might be your perfect fit.

Interior design includes the subset of decorating of course, but goes further. More and more in this competitive environment it's expected that an individual working under the title of "Interior Designer" has at least an associate's degree (with Bachelor's preferred) and has a certain minimum of work experience; many states have some form of licensing requirement. Regardless of your state's requirements, it is difficult to be competitive in the field without the accepted qualifications especially if you want to work on commercial projects or with an architectural firm. Steps To Become an Interior Designer:

  1. Achieve a combination of Education and work experience, as prescribed by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). There are (at the time of this writing) 5 'routes' to choose from in order to qualify to sit for the NCIDQ general,the more design related education you have, the fewer years of work experience is required
  2. Pass the NCIDQ exam...
  3. Register with your state (if required).

Becoming a Missus: Part 3

On May 18th, Jon and I went off to the courthouse to get hitched! I woke up at 6:30am because I was just too excited to sleep.  It was like Christmas morning, except it wasn't special to anyone else but us. I showered, fixed my hair, got dress and sat patiently on my couch awaiting my brother and sister-in-law's arrival. There was one little thing that was slightly ruining my day - I had a giant pimple on the right side of my chin.  Thank goodness for cover up and Photoshop! (You should see no trace of the pimple in any of the photos below!)

Waiting to get married! 

After we got married.  

The Raleigh Courthouse isn't the prettiest of places, so we walked down to the Capital building to take some pictures! I think we got some cute ones! 

After our photo session - graciously performed by my brother and sister-in-law, we had a delicious lunch at Cafe Luna.  When we got home, we had a sweet little surprise waiting for us:

Our wedding cake from my brother and sister-in-law!

Have I mentioned how wonderful my brother and sister-in-law were to us? Not only did they keep our secret and take time off work to be our witnesses, they also got us a cake, as well as flowers.  They were wonderful (I know, I already said that) and I'm so happy we brought them along! 

Happy newlyweds!

Once we were alone, I edited a few photos and we choose an announcement card (more on that to come!) before enjoying a romantic dinner of Papa John's pizza and Coca-Cola.  Kind of lame, but we had a flight to catch at 5am the next morning and we hadn't even packed! Also, in reality, as much as I would love to say we never drink soda or eat pizza, that is not the case, and pizza and Coca-Cola are two of our favorite things.  It was the perfect ending to our wonderful day! 

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