Becoming a Missus: Part 1

In some ways how Jon and I got married was very romantic, but in other ways it was super practical. And that suit us just fine.  As a couple, we are sometimes romantic (mainly when it's just us) and always practical.  Jon hates spending money and I've gotten to the point where if it's more than $50, I have to debate with myself for quite some time before I finally decided if I should buy it or not.  And most of the time, I decided not to spend the money.

The point? We are cheap.  If we had a wedding, we'd pretty much be paying for it on our own.  Honestly, even if my parents or his mom wanted to pay for it, I'm just not sure I would want that.  We're almost 30 and 27 years old.  I wouldn't expect my parents to pay for my car or house at this age, and I feel the same way about a wedding.  I'm the one getting married, not my mom and dad, and I should share that cost with my future husband.  But like I've already said, my husband and I are cheap, so paying $5,000 to $10,000 for a wedding was not going to happen. And I know that is on the cheaper end of a wedding.  Jon would have passed out forking over that kind of cash.  I would have sat there and thought about all of the things I could have bought for the house, for myself, trips to take, etc.  I kinda feel a little nausea thinking about it now. (I suppose that's proof eloping was the right decision for us, right?)

Average Cost of a US Wedding - it just keeps going up!

As you have probably picked up by now, a wedding was not in our future.  (Side note: a honeymoon, however, was non-negotiable.) For the past few months, Jon and I had lots of marriage talks.  I pointed out rings I liked, casually mentioned if I thought my dad would be at home for Jon to go ask his permission, etc. Jon would sweetly rub my ring finger on my left hand and say, "something's missing."  But my sweet boy moves at a much slower pace than me.  Much slower. Slow enough to bring occasionally tears, that always ended with smiles and reassurance from Jon that he did want to marry me and we would get married soon. I thought he would still propose in a traditional fashion, and then we'd sneak off and elope.  Jon liked the idea of eloping and after casually mentioning it to one of our friends, she passed along a book about eloping that we started reading.  And the more we read, the more we loved the idea.

And while all of this marriage talk was going on, at the end of April, Jon decided he need a change and left his job.  Right after that, I received a job offer I couldn't pass up and decided to leave my (old) job. In between leaving my old job and starting the new one, I managed to get a few days off.  Seven (business) days to be exact. I thought I would use the time to do a few things around the house I hadn't found anytime to do.  But then, one night Jon said, what if we elope during your time off between jobs?

And I said yes...


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