Google's New Offices In London

PENSON’s giddy design looks like a film place, but beneath the glamour, it’s a place of work. Google’s newest office looks like a space station with foosball tables designed by PENSON. Google Engineering’s new London offices are a frivolous exercise in science creative writing set beautification, sated with flat white surfaces and daring rock-solid colors.

I’ll confess that as I paged through the hype descriptions, it was a tiny firm to take them critically. But this is an actual working room, and behind the glamour there is cautiously measured affordance for Google’s working technique
For example, different Kubrick’s everlastingly naked white corridors; PENSON intends that Google’s walls should be used. They are surfaced with attractive whiteboard fabric.
This allows engineers to draft out solutions to harms, pin up working material, or mission presentations as desired. All of the desks are height adjustable, and much of the floor space is given over to relaxed gathering seats so that ad hoc teams and deliberations can form as desired.
Assuming that the day to day circumstances are as useful as PENSON says, the thought of caption into a dream spaceship surroundings for work puts a large grin on my features. Maybe they can pipe in this loop of the Enterprise’s engines idling to full the fascination.


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