Honeymoon: St. Thomas

As I mentioned, we had to honeymoon in a US territory based on my lack of a passport.  Yes, that did leave the entire US as an option, but we wanted to go somewhere that we would:
1. Probably not visit often
2. Was not in driving distance.  (Driving distance to us is 8 - 14 hours)
3. Had a beach.  Preferably a beach with white sand and clear blue water.

With that criteria, we pretty much settled on the US Virgin Islands as our option(s), but we still had three islands to choose from! I crossed St. Croix off the list because from what I read, there wasn't much exciting there and none of the resorts really impressed me.  For a few days, we went back and forth between staying in St. Thomas and St. John. Finally, after reading reviews of all the resorts on both islands from Oyster (amazing site for hotel reviews), we decided to stay in St. Thomas at the Ritz-Carlton.

You're probably thinking, "Wait, those Hatches are cheap! They stayed at the Ritz?!" Yes, we did friends.  Our wedding cost $80.  We could splurge on a nice honeymoon.  And holy crap, it was nice.  At one point, I looked at Jon and said, "this is the life I was always meant to live.  The life of leisure."

 Anyways, enjoy a few pictures of our trip!

Our view from one of the restaurants. 

On the stairs in the hotel lobby, there were giant mirrors - perfect for a self taken photo opp! 

The hotel lobby was gorgeous and had this beautiful open area right in the middle of the building.

One morning, we walked to the resort next door for breakfast.  This was our view there.

View from our balcony.  I was bad and didn't take any pictures of our room! 

A view of the resort from our balcony.

The rest of the resort (another view from our room).

Happy newlyweds :) 

Jon decided he need a better view.

We took a day trip to St. John's and hiked to Honeymoon beach.  This was the view at the top of Cruz Bay.

View of St. Thomas from St. John

Honeymoon beach in St. John

We thought the beaches on St. John were nicer than St. Thomas, so if/when we ever go back, I think we will stay in St. John.  Overall, both islands were gorgeous with lots of delicious food and drinks.  I was actually a little bit sick before we left and one day, all I was craving was a yummy coke from a can.  It ended up being $5 for the can of coke, so Jon and I joked it was the best Coca-Cola of our lives.

Even though you do not have to have a passport as a US Citizen to visit the islands, you still have to go through US Customs on the way home.  Jon and I were asked why we were visiting the island, to which we replied to honeymoon.  Then we were asked why we got married.  I promptly said, "because we love each other" and the customs officer looked at Jon and said, "Do you love this woman?" Of course Jon said yes, but it was hilarious and we laughed about it the entire flight home.

But, now we are back to reality and day dreaming of our next vacation. (For which I will have a passport!)


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