Locus™ Workstation from Focal™

Standing Desk chair

"Sitting disease is epidemic. You spend a third of your life at work, behind your desk and on your butt. Studies have proven that many small movements throughout the day lead to better health and that being upright is better for you."
"Martin Keen, founder of hybrid footwear brand , started working at a standing desk years ago. But Keen says he tired easily, and eventually found himself leaning against a makeshift seat. An industrial designer by trade, the entrepreneur began designing a workstation based on his ad-hoc prototype.
He unveiled his upright workstation at ICFF earlier this month. Focal incorporates a small bench into the traditional standing design, not unlike drafting tables used by architects and engineers. The small leather seat is more for leaning than sitting. It tilts downward at an angle that makes it tough to totally rest, and it pivots with your movements, improving balance and, ostensibly, focus. The station’s plywood and aluminum desk is attached at its base to a footrest that tilts up towards the user for support.
The combination encourages a “natural, neutral posture,” explains Keen. “There is a place between standing and sitting where our body wants to be.” Does it make you move enough to counter Sitting Disease? We shall see: Keen says he is working with an ergonomist to study exactly how the seat affects your well-being."

Sources: Focul Upright Furniture, fastcodesign


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