A Surprise Party!

I guess we aren't the only ones who can be sneaky around here, because Saturday night we arrived to what we thought was just dinner with two of our friends.  It was actually dinner with most of our closest friends! My best friend, Brenna, was sneaky and after digging through my contact list, found numbers and email addresses for most of our friends and invited them over for a little party to celebrate us.

Side note: I forgot to snap a picture with everyone! Also, all of these are iPhone pics! 

With Scott and Sarah - my friends from high school/college.

With Ben and Megan.  Jon and Ben used to be roommates!

With Zoe - one of the first friends I made when my family moved to NC in 1993!

With our party hosts, Britt and Brenna. Jon also likes to ruin pictures, if you can't tell! 

A better one of the four of us! 

Jon, Wes, Britt, and Ben.

A few of the ladies hanging out inside.  It was 105 degrees that day! Way too hot!!

Zoe made some adorable cupcakes - the party theme was Mexican, as it is one of our favorite types of food! 

Brenna made my favorite cake - funfetti! 

I only have pictures of the desserts, but there was also food, margaritas, beer, and wine for everyone to enjoy! A big thank you to all of our friends who took time out of their busy schedules to show up and celebrate us! We had so much fun and it was great to have everyone all together!! 


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